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Police and Law Enforcement Home  >  The Column  >  NJ Cops Make Too Much!

The Column

Police and Law Enforcement News
Tuesday, March 25, 2014
 8:54 p.m.


The Asbury Park Press columnist begins his article titled Trenton Must Not Let up on Police Salaries by saying he likes cops and our job can be dangerous, "sometimes."

When I seen someone begin a piece with such a qualification I can't help but become suspicious.

The truth is, it is dangerous a lot of times.   In many areas, it is dangerous most of the time, but this is beside the point.

The author later compares us to soldiers:

But are the risks they [the police] face any greater than those of the enlisted men and women fighting in Afghanistan, who are making one-third as much or less?

Not one law enforcement officer or sane minded person would agree that soldiers should receive the salary they do.  In fact, it is a tragedy.  It is unfortunate that the author doesn't, instead, write an article arguing that soldiers should be paid more.

Unfortunate and revealing.

We could counter the soldier argument by comparing us to baseball players, CEO's or celebrities, but we don't.  It would be intellectually dishonest.

The salaries in New Jersey law enforcement were negotiated with elected officials.  The results of the negotiations were printed in the newspapers and many are available online.  We didn't hide anything. 

In return for our compensation, we agree to give up our holidays with our families.  We agree to work insane, unhealthy hours, we agree to fight monsters, and we agree to see horror.  We agree to perform a job that results in a life expectancy considerably lower than that of the general public and we agree to work in a profession that swallows up good men and women from suicide, alcoholism, and divorce.  The list goes on.

Despite the rhetoric saying otherwise, we did not cause New Jersey's financial condition.  It was caused by years of incompetence and corruption from our government.

New Jersey law officers took a substantial financial hit when Governor Christie took the reigns between our increased pension contribution (which was already among the highest in the country, a fact conveniently left out of the article), the increase in health care contributions, and the other goodies from four years ago.

So, no, honest, hard working cops have no problem walking into a negotiation with their head held high, and asking for a raise.

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NJ Cops Make Too Much!




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