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Police and Law Enforcement Home  >  The Column  >  So, Your Wife is Posing for Playboy?


The Column





So, Your Wife is
Posing for Playboy?
Police and Law Enforcement News
Sunday, August 23
, 2009 11:50 p.m.

Earlier this month, an officer with a police department in Ohio filed a lawsuit against his agency seeking $3.5M in damages.  The officer claims that he was subjected to harassment as a result of his wife posing for Playboy Magazine.

According to the article:

His attorney, John Sherrod, says Fithen was harassed on the job and was asked repeatedly for copies of the magazine and for the autograph of his wife, Beth. The lawsuit also claims police began an investigation of the couple that caused emotional distress.

I donít know about your department, but if this is all that happened, he got off lucky. At my PD, it would have been no-holds-barred, merciless, hell.


If my wife were to tell me she was going to pose for Playboy, the first thing to pop into my head would have nothing to do with the moral issue, the sanctity of our marriage, jealousy, or the even the pay day: it would be the moment that word of my brideís photo shoot reached the locker room at my job. 

And, knowing my colleagues, the planning would commence immediately.

The assault would be launched as soon as the suspect issue hit the news stands.  From that moment, my life would change.

Each workday would begin with the normal stroll through the parking lot, however, my face would grimace as I prepare for what I was about to find in my mailbox.  (continued below)


If the mailbox was untouched, the next hurtle would be the locker.  Most certainly the front of my locker would be decorated with my brideís new hobby.

If the locker were clean, Iíd hope to get through briefing without the topic surfacing.  Perhaps a fake report would be carefully inserted into briefing for the sergeant to read aloud. 

But, if for some reason I made it this far, my last obstacle would be the patrol car. 

And if there were no pictures, poems, or requests for autographs on my dashboard, Iíd be home free. 

At least until eight hours later where Iíd have to repeat the entire process in reverse.

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Your Comments

Where are the pic's ???

There are lines that shouldn't be crossed. Of course, we do not know what exactly was being said to this guy, but I am sure it wasn't as innocent as can I get a copy of the issue or an autograph. If they wanted a copy, they could go buy one! I am sure there were other things said.

If my wife posed for playboy my co-workers could say and do whatever they wanted in the workplace. I would walk around like a constable on patrol on steroids. It would also be quite clear from my appearance that I did not need Viagra. Jeez, only if....

As an Officer we are to hold ourselves to a higher standard than others. However, if an Officer's wife chooses to pose for a smut mag, then perhaps the Officer should consider divorcing her because she is probably being sexually active with other men, including those Officer's that are harassing him.

Just my 2 cents.

-Sgt. Chuck Ward (ret.)
Freehold Police

The ribbing, no matter how fierce/funny is to be expected.  The internal investigation is NOT.  As high-profile as it may be, is has nothing to do with the department.

I agree.

In addition to the response below, I also agree by saying at least this guy's wife is actually that hot! Almost all of my friends are always complaining how much their wives looks have slacked off. No matter how much stress this may cause at his work place, he still gets to go home every night to a playboy bunny.

What did this guy think would happen?

If I were him my biggest fear would be my co-workers facing her I would be the hero they all would want to be my friend so they could come over for dinner or there kids to play with mine so they could get a closer look.  Damn they don't need to imagine.  I'm sure some would say i would never let my wife pose but the truth is there wife wouldn't even make try outs


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