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Roll Call

Weekly Law Enforcement
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Spotting the Danger Signs

Police and Law Enforcement News
Sunday, January 20
2013 2:13 .m.



From the earliest days of our training, we're taught the importance of spotting the danger signs.  Unfortunately, after the police academy, the training in this and related areas falls off almost completely in some agencies.

The video below is an excellent centerpiece for a squad discussion on tactics and spotting the danger signs.  It would take just 15 minutes and would really get everyone thinking tactically.  (It's also featured on our main page as the Video-of-the-Week)

It also raises the question of, "What would you do?"

Now, answering this question from the comfort of your home or squad room is much different than being alone and outnumbered as the officer was here, so keep that in mind.

After watching the video, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Would you have drawn your weapon?

  2. When the suspect kept reaching, would you have fired your weapon or gone to pepper spray?

  3. In retrospect, what else could have been done?







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