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Contract Negotiation
News and Headlines

Englewood Cliffs Settles Contract
April, 2014
ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS — Officers will no longer be able to accumulate overtime from year to year....

Medford Police Settle Contract
April, 2014
MEDFORD — The Township Council unanimously ratified a new contract with the Medford...

Elmwood Park Wants Cap on Police Raises
March, 2014
The Elmwood Park Council passed a resolution at its March 20 meeting calling for the state...

Fort Lee Chief Gets New Contract
February, 2014
FORT LEE — The borough council unanimously approved an unusually long contract for Police...

Democrats Pushing to Increase Cap to 3%
March, 2014
TRENTON - Democratic lawmakers are pushing legislation that would remove a 2 percent cap...

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Negotiation  Tools

Browse Contracts Here, you can sift through thousands of municipal and county contracts.   This is an excellent tool for planning the initial stages of contract negotiation and to get an idea of how your agency compares to surrounding and similar organizations.
Arbitration Awards When negotiations and mediation do not lead to an agreement, and the arbitrator issues the decision, the award is documented and posted online.  This is a great tool when researching arbitrators.
Review Resumes of New Jersey Arbitrators Here, you can read the resumes of arbitrators used by PERC.  This is a good place to begin researching arbitrators, but you want to make sure you review actual decisions as well.
Contract Perks A list of different items unions can bargain for during contract negotiations ranging from salary to workout time.
Comp Time Law New section of the website that contains the laws on compensatory time as well as the Federal Labor and Standards Act.



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Face of Red Bank PD Changed with Promotions
March, 2014
Red Bank’s police department completed a “once-in-a-lifetime” makeover Wednesday night...

Paterson PBA in fight on Terminal Pay Issue
March, 2014
PATERSON — The retirement last Friday of a veteran Paterson police officer has become the latest battleground between municipal law enforcement - See more at:

Harrington Park Gets New Contract
December, 2013
The mayor and council agreed to terms for a police contract that runs from January 2014 to...

Bordentown Police Settle Contract
December, 2013
New four-year contracts approved by the township will give police officers raises averaging 2 percent...

Middle Township Gets 1.6% for 3 Years but Goes to 19 Steps
December, 2013
On Monday, Dec. 16, Middle Township Committee approved the agreement with the...

Ridgefield Getting Raises but Reduced Starting Rate
December, 2013
Borough police have a new three-year contract that calls for slight raises and requires rank-and...

Glen Rock Settles Contract
November, 2013
The borough of Glen Rock and the Policemen's Benevolent Association (PBA) have reached a new three-year contract agreement effective...

Consultant Says Princeton Should Have Chief
December, 2013
A study of Princeton’s Police Department has resulted in a recommendation that officials...

Hudson County Sheriff's Protest Pay Freeze
December, 2013
Police officers from the Hudson County Sheriff's Office protested what they called a "pay freeze" by...

Jersey City Police Get New Contract
March, 2013
Jersey City has come to an agreement with three labor unions representing fire and police officials and rank-and-file police officers that give the...

East Greenwich Lays Off 2, a Third Resigns
March, 2013
 EAST GREENWICH TWP. – The township committee laid off two police officers, rather than the five previously considered for termination, at...

Montgomery Settles New Contract
February, 2013
The Township Committee ratified a new police union contract on Feb. 21 that would lower the starting salary, increase the time it would take to

Kearny Officers Settle Contract
February, 2013
The unions representing Kearny’s police and superior officers have signed an agreement that paves the way for modest raises over the next three...

Washington Twp. Officers Settle Contract
February, 2013
The Township of Washington has come to terms on a new three-year contract with the police department which awards 1.5 percent salary increases...

The Record Editorial: Cops Should be Paid for Donning and Doffing
February, 2013
AT FIRST reading, the idea that cops in Teaneck should be paid for getting in and out of their uniforms seems ridiculous and an example...

Clifton Police Settle Contract
January, 2013
CLIFTON – Following more than a year of negotiations, the City Council and Clifton's police unions have come to a contract agreement...

Lawrence Police Settle Contract
January, 2013
LAWRENCE — A three-year police contract approved this week lengthens officers’ shifts to 12 hours, freezes their salary this year and reduces....

Officials Approve Verona Police Salaries
December, 2012
The Verona Township Council last week introduced an ordinance to approve this year's base annual salaries (excluding any overtime) for members...

Judge Orders Bergen Sheriff's Contract Honored
November, 2012
A judge has ordered Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan to implement a contract negotiated last year by Sheriff Michael...

Report Goes After Port Authority PD Salaries
December, 2012
Port Authority police officers earn far more on an hourly basis than their counterparts in most surrounding law enforcement agencies...

Lower Approves New Contract with Superior Officers
May, 2012
If state Sen. Nicholas Sacco were to step down today as the assistant school superintendent in North Bergen, his 445 unused sick days...

Lawmakers Still Have their Sweetheart Deals
April, 2012
Lower Township Council ratified a memo of understanding to approve a four-year contract with the Lower Township Superior Officers....

Randolph Police Settle Contract
April, 2012
RANDOLPH TWP. – Three new union contracts have been negotiated, all of which will keep salary increases for many township employees...

Vernon Council Okays 4-Year Police Contract
February, 2012
VERNON — Township police officers will receive a 1.5 percent pay raise this year under a four-year agreement unanimously approved Monday...

Woodstown Borough Settles Contract
February, 2012
Working with the Woodstown Borough Council, Woodstown police recently entered a new contract to accommodate the current economy and...

Barnegat Superior Officers Finish Contract
February, 2012
Township officials and the union that represents police department officers of rank have reached agreement on a new three-year contract...

Arbitrator Settles State Police Contract
February, 2012
Troopers with the New Jersey State Police received at least $23.4 million in retroactive payments under a contract awarded by an...

State Rejects Englewood Cliffs Arbitration Appeal
February, 2012
The New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission, PERC, rejected the borough's appeal of an arbitrator's decision that awards raises...

Hawthorne Police Settle Contract
February, 2012
A three-year police contract for Hawthorne’s Patrolmen's Benevolent Association (PBA) officers was approved at the Jan. 18 council meeting...

Arbitrator Decides on Nutley Police Contract
January, 2012
After three years without a contract, an interest arbitration decision and award between Nutley and the police union has been handed down.

Jamesburg Police Settle Contract
January, 2012
JAMESBURG — A new four-year contract has been signed between the Borough of Jamesburg and the Police Benevolent Association.

No Raises in Hamilton Until 2013
December, 2012
HAMILTON TOWNSHIP - No township employee received a raise in 2011, and none will for another 14 months.

North Arlington Police Contract Finally Settled
November, 2011
The Public Employment Relations Commission will let stand an arbitrator's decision to award police officers 2.5 percent raises for two years.

East Brunswick Reaches Deal with Police Unions
May, 2011
EAST BRUNSWICK — The township has signed new, three-year contracts with the Policemen’s Benevolent Association and the Fraternal Order...

Unions Counter on Pensions, Benefits
May, 2011
TRENTON — With the state’s pension and health benefit issues casting a dark shadow over New Jersey’s finances, government workers union...

Middletown Settles Contracts, Saves Jobs
May, 2011
Middletown and its two police unions, the Superior Officers Association (SOA) and the Policemen’s Benevolent Association (PBA), have reached...

Towns to Police: Help
April, 2011
The thin blue line is getting thinner as police jobs have been put on the cutting block in some of the largest cities across the state from Newark...

Palisades Park, Police Union Reach Agreement
September, 2010
PALISADES PARK — The borough and police union agreed Wednesday to a new contract with a 6...

Vineland Police Save Jobs, Give Concessions
September, 2010
VINELAND -- The city's police union agreed Thursday night to take a concession that will...

Carney's Point PD Settles 2-Year Contract
September, 2010
A two-year police contract was approved here at the most recent township committee meeting, ...

Mixed Arbitration Award for Rumson PD:  Good Raises but Officers Must Pay 10% of Health Insurance
August, 2010
For nearly four years, Rumson officials and its police union have been at loggerheads on a...

South Brunswick Officers Give Up Overtime to Save Costs
August, 2010
As municipal leaders continue looking for ways to cut the proposed municipal budget, the...

Vineland Police Accept Concessions to Save Jobs
August, 2010
The city's police union agreed Tuesday to a list of concessions that are designed to avoid a...

Parsippany Settles Contract
August, 2010
The Parsippany Council approved contracts with two of the township’s unions last week...

Ewing Police Unions Sue to Stop Layoffs Claiming Extortion
August, 2010
EWING — Ewing PBA Local 111 and the Superior Officers Association — which represent ...

Franklin Lakes Chief Steps Down to Become First Public Safety Director
July, 2010
FRANKLIN LAKES — The borough’s top cop is set to hang up his holster but is expected to remain top gun.

Clifton Officers Settle Contract
June, 2010
CLIFTON – On Tuesday night, the City Council agreed to give its Police Department's rank and..

City of Summit, PBA at a Standoff
June, 2010
SUMMIT — Overtures have been made by both sides in negotiations between the City of...

Paramus Police Give up Raises
June, 2010
PARAMUS — The police union has agreed to forgo raises this year to avoid the large layoffs and...

Evesham Police Okay 12-Hour Shifts
June, 2010
EVESHAM — Over the past three years, township police officers have pushed to lengthen.....

Princeton Twp. Still in Contract Talks
June, 2010
Negotiations between the Township Committee and police union continued this week as the committee...

Red Bank Police Agree to Furloughs
June, 2010
Following more than an hour of closed-session talks over negotiations, the Red Bank Borough Council voted...

Haddonfield Celebrates New Police Contract
May, 2010
The Haddonfield Borough Commission unanimously authorized a new contract with its police department this...

Hoboken Council Votes Down Police Union Contract Terms
March, 2010
The Hoboken City Council had the authority Wednesday night to finalize the police union...

Middlesex Borough Settles Contract
March, 2010
MIDDLESEX BOROUGH — The Borough Council has approved a new contract with the police ...

Paramus to Appeal Arbitrator's Award of 4% Each Year for Four Years
March, 2010
The Paramus Council voted to appeal a recent decision that awarded the Paramus Police ...

Norwood Negotiation Headed for Arbitration
February, 2010

NORWOOD — After months of unsuccessful police contract talks, the Policemen’s Benevolent...

Woodcliff Lake Police at Odds Over New Hire Salary
February, 2010
WOODCLIFF LAKE – In the wake of last year’s retirement of Lt. Bruce Conway and the...

3 Years, No Contract in Wyckoff
February, 2010
Wyckoff — The Township Committee is holding a special closed session at 1:30 p.m. today,...

Plainsboro Settles Contract  February, 2010
PLAINSBORO — Township officials say they plan to work on new three-year contracts for dispatchers...

North Haledon Signs 5-Year Contract at 0%, 0%, 4%, 4%, 4%,   January, 2010
North Haledon — Police officers won't see a raise until 2011.  The Policemen's Benevolent...

Conflict Leads to New Arbitrator in Nutley  January, 2010
The ongoing arbitration to settle the salaries for the Nutley Police Department has been ...

Ramsey Officers Settle Contract  January, 2010
RAMSEY — The police union and borough have lifted the deadlock in three years of negotiations by...

Boonton Gets 2-Year Contract, 3.75% Each Year    November, 2009
BOONTON TWP. - The township will save at least $10,000 in health insurance costs for its...

Town Wants Concessions from Englishtown Officers   November, 2009
ENGLISHTOWN — A Heritage Drive resident told the Borough Council that a recent experience with...

Red Bank Settles Contract: Two Year, 3% Each Year    September, 2009
Borough officials Tuesday night approved a tentative contract with the local police union calling for 3...

Citizen: Interlaken Wasting Money on Police    September, 2009
I recently reviewed the Interlaken police chief's contract and was astounded at the ludicrous terms negotiated...

Audubon Still Fighting for Police Contract  September, 2009
The Borough of Audubon made a final effort to recover a lost police contract with Audubon Park last...

Bernardsville Police Renewing Contract Talks  August, 2009
BERNARDSVILLE — Seven months into 2009, borough police are again in the position of working without...

Somerset Sheriffs Still Without Contract  August, 2009
SOMERVILLE — Somerset County and the union representing rank-and-file sheriff's officers remain...

Maplewood Police Settle Contract  July, 2009
Following a two-and-a-half year struggle, Maplewood Township and the police unions are finally nearing an...

Clinton Twp. Officers Settle Contract  July, 2009
CLINTON TWP. -- Officials awarded raises to township employees last night, but it...

Princeton Cops Get Two-Year Contract  May, 2009
PRINCETON BOROUGH -- Police officers and sergeants here will receive retroactive 3.75...

Collingswood Mayor Says Deal Coming on Police, Woodlynne  May, 2009
The police layoffs in Collingswood and the brouhaha over police coverage in ...'

Overtime, Manpower at Issue in Penns Grove  May, 2009
Down on manpower, the Penns Grove Police Department is "drying up" overtime and ...

Franklin Twp. Employees Trying to Negotiate Away Layoffs    May, 2009
The leaders of five unions have agreed to negotiate with Franklin in order to avoid ...

Vineland Police Settle Contract  March, 2009
VINELAND -- After two years and almost two months, the Police Benevolent Association...

Essex Executive: End Binding Arbitration! February, 2009
Governments at all levels daily face many complex issues that are intensified during difficult...

Vineland Council Postpones Vote on Police Contract  February, 2009
VINELAND -- The rank-and-file officers at the city police department will go without a contract for at least another few weeks. dispatching of police to Monmouth County...

PBA Requests Fairhaven to Delay Decision on Dispatchers  February, 2009
The Borough Council has been asked to postpone a vote scheduled for Feb. 23 on shifting the...

Camden County CO's Refuse to Yield   February, 2009
Pushed to make concessions in a declining economy, at least one Camden County union "is not giving anything up," a county labor organizer said Monday.

Daily Journal: Give Vineland Cops Raise  February, 2009
Vineland City Council soon will have to decide whether to approve a four-year police contract for rank and file officers.

'Mini Revolt' Gets Chief's Contract Approved  January, 2009
It took a mini-revolt by Borough Council members to get Police Chief Len Guida's three-year contract ratified.

Bernardsville Back to Drawing Board with Contract  January, 2009
With the arrival of the new year, the entire borough police department is back to square one as far as working without a current pay contract.

Vineland Approaching Two Years Without Contract  December, 2008
VINELAND -- With the city's police union nearing the two-year mark since its contract expired, the members are becoming more anxious for settlement. 

Cape May Sheriffs Officers Settle Contract  December, 2008
CREST HAVEN — Four sergeants and 33 sheriff's officers in the county Sheriff's Department, who are members of Police Benevolent Association Local 59, ratified a ...

Millville Officials Meet Behind Closed Doors over Stalled Contract Talks  November, 2008
MILLVILLE – City commissioners met in closed session Monday night after the regular City Commission meeting to discuss contract negotiations on the four city unions without contracts.

Police Contract Still on the Table in Bernardsville  November, 2008
BERNARDSVILLEBorough officials and local police continue to disagree over the terms of a new contract to replace the pact that expired Dec. 31, with the sticking point reportedly being the number of years the new police contract would cover.

Police Contract on Audubon's Agenda  November, 2008
The Audubon Borough Commission focused on administrative actions during the public portion of the municipal caucus on Tuesday. No action was expected on police department personnel issues and various other pending contract items held for closed discussion by the commission.

Op/Ed: Vineland Officers Would Have Accepted Fair Contract  November, 2008
I have great respect for former Vineland Mayor Perry Barse, just as I do for Mayor Robert Romano. However, as the wife of a Vineland police officer, I must respond to Mayor Barse's contention that the PBA felt it was better off waiting to negotiate with Mayor Romano to try to settle its contract.

Police Contract Key Issue in Loch Harbor  October, 2008
LOCH ARBOUR — This village of 280 people must choose by the end of next year which outside police department should help protect its eight blocks. The town's contract with Ocean Township will be up after 13 years, and the two winners in the Board of Trustees Nov. 4 race will help make that decision.


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 Successful contract negotiation is a result of thorough preparation. Our contract negotiation page is designed to serve as a source of resources and tools for members entrusted to serve on the contract negotiation committee.

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