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March, 2014  -  MV Searches Getting Harder in NJ

March, 2014  -  Video: Road Rage Tailgater Crashes

March, 2014  -  Prepare for More Attacks on our Pension

March, 2014  -  Video:  How Not to Testify - By Justin Bieber

February, 2014  -  Every NJ Cops Needs to Watch this Video: Captain Takes on Council

February, 2014  -  Police & Fire Mortgage Available for Refinancing, For Now

February, 2014  -  Chaotic Pursuit and Shooting of 'Cop Killer' Caught on Body Cam

January, 2014  -  Officers Help Man Propose to Girlfriend

January, 2014  -  Jersey City Officer to be Featured on Next Survivor Season

January, 2014  -  Dallas Chief Announces Firings on Twitter

December, 2013  Dancing Rhode Island Officer Back Again

December, 2013  -  Video  -  Officer Who Pensioned Because He Couldn't Hold Gun Under Fire for Still Shooting at Range

December, 2013  -  Video  -  Ridgewood PD Gives Full Inspector's Funeral to 10-Year-Old Boy

November, 2013  -  Video  -  Mayor Caught on Video Threatening Officers During DWI Arrest

November, 2013  -  Video  - Off Duty NYPD Officer Savagely Beaten

April 24, 2013  -  Video - And the 'Tackle of the Week' Award Goes to... East Orange PD

April 18, 2013  -  Two NJ Men Try and Sell Heroin on Craig's List as 'Pain Relief'

April 5, 2013  -  Video - Off Duty Officer Saves TSA Agent from Attack

April 4, 2013  -  Sheriff Killed While Eating Lunch in his Vehicle

March 27, 2013  -  New Jersey FOP Endorses Buono for Governor

March 26, 2013  -  Philly Cops Need Permission to Use Lights, Sirens

March 25, 2013  -  Sergeant Demoted for Nude Pictures

March 19, 2013  -  FBI Dog Killed by Gunman on Just 2nd Mission

March 14, 2013  -  Falsely Accused Trooper Awarded $250,000

March 12, 2013  -  Iowa Officer Pulls Teenager from Burning Car

March 11, 2013  -  Retiring Parsippany Chief Gets $379k

March 1, 2013  -  A Tough Week for Blue

February 24, 2013  -  Des Moines Officers Pull Victim from Burning Car

February 18, 2013  -  Driver Killed After Hitting Police Car at 130 MPH

February, 2013  -  Video Footage of Intense Dorner Gunfight

February, 2013  -  Why It's not a Good Idea to Flip Off the Judge

February, 2013  -  Orientation Guide for Sheriff's Sergeant Exam Released

January, 2013  -  Anchor Slams Journal News

January, 2013  -  Mother Shoots Intruder 5 Times

January, 2013  -  Years of Service - Police Officer

January, 2013  -  Make it to 2014

December, 2012  -  Lindenwold Officers, Dispatchers, Firefighters Save Christmas

December, 2012  -  Video: Officer Shot 9 Times and Survives

December, 2012  -  The Officer Who Has Saved a Hundred Lives

December, 2012  -  Tampa Police Use Humor in Crime Prevention

December, 2012  -  Camden Mayor Files Plan for Layoff of Officers

November, 2012  -  New Study on Foot Patrol Yields Interesting Results

May, 2012  -  Trenton Police Make Arrest in Last Week's Ambush of Officers

May, 2012  -  Video Catches Cowardly Sneak Attack on Officer

May, 2012  -  Excellent Video Showing There is Sometimes More to the Story

May, 2012  -  Welcome to Our New Blog Section









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