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Sergeant's Quiz 7


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Police and Law Enforcement News
Friday, March 22, 2013 12:06 a.m.



1.       Officer Thompson is handling a walk-in complaint where a citizen is turning in $600.00 she found in an ATM kiosk.  Officer Thompson asks you if there is any rule allowing the citizen to keep the money if not claimed.  Which of the following is the best response.

A.       Yes, the citizen can have the money after six months
B.       Yes, the citizen can have the money after 90 days
C.       No, if not claimed the money will be turned over to the municipal treasury
D.       No, if not claimed the money will be turned over to the state treasury


2.          According to the Attorney General Guideline on K-9 Training Standards, a handler and his dog must be re-evaluated how often?

A.          Monthly
B.          Quarterly
C.          Semi-annually
D.          Annually


3.       Officer Johns prides himself on being one of the better shots on the department.  He has a question about improving his skills and goes to his sergeant who taught Officer Johns most of what he knows.  He asks the sergeant about the principles of good marksmanship.  Sgt. Andrews listed the principles as stance, grip, breath control, sight alignment, trigger control, and follow through.  According to the Attorney General Guideline on Firearms, Sgt. Andrews is correct as usual.  [OU]

A.       True              B.          False


4.       David is walking through town when he sees a flyer hung up offering a reward for a missing iPad.  David recognizes the picture and realizes that it is the iPad he found a month ago.  David has, since, reprogrammed it and uses it for his business.  Legally, David can keep the iPad.

A.       True              B.          False


5.       You are finishing briefing when one of your officers asks a question.  He wants to know what the difference is between the Theft statute and the Unlawful Taking of Means of Conveyance statute.  You would be most correct if you were to answer with which of the following?

A.       Dollar amount of the theft
B.       One is for adults and one is for juveniles
C.       The Conveyance statute is for minor offenses
D.       None of the Above


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