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Sergeant's Quiz 5

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Police and Law Enforcement News
Friday, February 8, 2013 5:32 p.m.



1.       One of your officers is working a school function when he calls you on the phone.  He is in a conversation with several teachers who are discussing the tier levels under Megan's Law.  He doesn't want to sound stupid and asks for a quick explanation.  Which of the following would be the best answer to give him?

A.       The tier levels are based on risk of re-offense.  Tier one has the lowest risk of re-offense while Tier three has the highest

B.       The tier levels are based on risk of re-offense.  Tier one has the highest risk of re-offense while Tier three has the lowest

C.       The tier levels are based on where they live

D.       The tier level system was found Unconstitutional


2.       In order to charge someone with Lewdness, the state must be able to prove that at least one person viewing the lewd act was under 18-year-of-age.

A.       True              B.          False


3.  Two homeless men break into a car which is in the parking lot of a closed auto-repair garage.  They remove coins, some compact discs and an empty gym bag.  It is a snowy night, so instead of leaving, they decide to sleep in the car and plan on leaving at first light.  Unfortunately for them, a passing officer notices the dome light and finds them.  Which of the following is the most appropriate charge.

A.       Burglary

B.       Criminal Trespass

C.       Defiant Trespass

D.       Both A and C


4.          According to the New Jersey Attorney General Guidelines, whenever a person is arrested or taken into custody they must be questioned as to whether or not any child or other person is dependent solely upon the arrestee for care, sustenance or supervision. This question must be asked within a certain amount of time of the arrest.  What is that amount of time?

A.       24 Hours

B.       12 Hours

C.       6 Hours

D.       2 Hours


5.       A pursuit may only be conducted in a direction opposite to the flow of traffic on a divided highway with the permission of a supervisor and in situations where the officer feels this action will not create a substantial risk of injury or death.

A.       True              B.          False


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