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Sergeant's Quiz 3

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Police and Law Enforcement News
Friday, January 18, 2013 12:32 9.m.



1.       The rearrangement of a suspect's clothing in order to permit visual inspection of the suspect's undergarments would be an example of a strip search.

A.       True              B.          False


2.       You are called in to handle a compliant by a member of the security staff of a local department store.  The complainant advises that she was in your municipal court today to prosecute a shoplifter she apprehended last month, but the prosecutor declined to participate in the prosecution explaining that the complaint was signed by a private citizen.  Which of the following would be the best explanation of the law to her?

A.       The case must be prosecuted by the municipal prosecutor
B.       Because the complaint was signed by security staff and not police, the prosecutor is not permitted to be involved with the prosecution
C.       The prosecutor only prosecutes state cases
D.       The case may be prosecuted by either the prosecutor or store personnel


3.       The New Jersey Attorney General Guideline on Vehicular Pursuits prohibits the use of vehicle contact action under all circumstances.

A.       True              B.          False


4.       Your squad is called to a residence for an assault call.  The complainant advises that the suspect, his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, kicked in the front door and came into the house yelling.  The suspect then punched the complainant in the face and left.  Which of the following would be most appropriate charge(s)?

A.      Terroristic Threats
B.       Burglary
C.       Simple Assault
D.       Both B and C

5.       One of your officers is handling a call and contacts you by cell phone.  He advises that a resident was burning leaves in the backyard of his residence.  Unfortunately, he was careless in how he set up the fire and the fire spread to his neighbor's shed which was destroyed.  She asks if she Arson would be an appropriate charge.  Which of the following is the best answer? 

A.       Yes, charge Arson as the homeowner was negligent
B.       Yes, charge Arson as the homeowner was reckless
C.       No, it was an accident.  There are no applicable charges
D.       No, just charge the accused with Criminal Mischief



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