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Sergeant's Quiz 1

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Police and Law Enforcement News
Friday, January 11, 2013 11:09 p.m.


1. Which of the following is not considered a bias offense under the Attorney General Guideline on Bias Incidents?

A. Disorderly Conduct
B. Terroristic Threats
C. Robbery
D. All of the above are listed as bias incident offenses


2. One of your officers asks for advice on a case he is handling. A DYFS worker came to headquarters and wants to sign a complaint. She was at residence interviewing a mother about an anonymous complaint against her. Upon hearing the complaint, the mother punched the DYFS work in the face and told her to leave the house. Which of the following would be the best advice?

A. Have the DYFS worker sign a complaint for Simple Assault
B. Have the DYFS worker sign a complaint for Aggravated Assault
C. Have the DYFS worker sign a complaint for Harassment
D. None of the above. Refer the DYFS worker to the prosecutor's office


3. The minimum passing score for the night firing course with your duty weapon is 80%.

A. True B. False


4. Under the Attorney General Guideline on Eyewitness Identification, which of the following are recommended for a photo lineup?

A. Include only one suspect in each identification procedure
B. Include a minimum of five fillers (non-suspects) per identification
C. Avoid reusing fillers in lineups shown to the same witness when
showing a new suspect
D. All of the above


5. A citizen inquires about the rules regarding hunters and how far they must be from a occupied building in New Jersey. Which of the following is the most correct answer?

A. 400 feet
B. 450 feet
C. 500 feet
D. 1000 feet

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