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PBA Loan    >    Promotional Exam Resource Center    >    Did You Know    >    5 Things to Know About the AG Guideline on Firearms

Promotional Exam Resource Center

Police and
Law Enforcement News


5 Things to Know About the
AG Guideline on Firearms
Police and Law Enforcement News
Sunday, March 3, 2013 1:32 p.m.


The Attorney General Guideline on Firearms is as testable as any other material and should be fully studied. 

Here are five quick and testable nuggets from the Guideline:

1.       80% is the passing score for all day and night handgun, shotgun, and rifle courses.  The only course that is different is the scoped rifle course where the passing score is 90%.  (There is only one course for the scoped rifle)


2.       The principles of good marksmanship as spelled out in the policy are as follows:

A.     Stance

B.     Grip

C.     Breath control

D.     Sight alignment

E.     Trigger control

F.     Follow through


3.       The policy requires that first aid supplies and personnel equipped to provide first aid are present during all range activities.  The actual quote comes from the section listing the responsibilities of the supervising firearms instructor:

Ensuring that personnel equipped to provide first aid are present on the firearms range during all qualification activities. (This person can be a certified member of a local volunteer first aid squad, an agency member certified as a first responder or emergency medical technician, or a member of the agency who is otherwise adequately trained.)

Ensuring that adequate first aid supplies are on-site at all time


4.       The ratio of firearms instructors to participants recommended in the policy are as follows:

Handgun Day Fire               One Instructor to Six Participants
Handgun Night Fire             One Instructor to Three Participants
Shotgun                           One Instructor for each Participant
Rifle                                 One Instructor to Four Participants


5.       The policy spells out how often officers must qualify with their weapons.  Below are the time requirements:

Weapon Day     Night  


Handgun Semi-annually Semi-annually No
Off Duty Semi-annually Semi-annually No
Shotgun Semi-annually Semi-annually No
Subgun Semi-annually Semi-annually No
Rifle Semi-annually Semi-annually Yes
Carbine Semi-annually Semi-annually Yes
Scoped Rifle Quarterly   N/A N/A





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