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Police and Law Enforcement Home  >  Police News  >  Gloucester County Officer Officer of the Year Announced


Gloucester County Officer Of the Year Announced

Police and Law Enforcement News

Saturday, May 26, 2007 9:50 p.m.

( Earlier this month, Detective Jason Player of the Washington Township Police Department was honored as the Gloucester County "Officer of the Year."

The selection was based primarily on one case that just kept going and going.  It began with Detective Player being called in to investigate a shooting.  Two years later he was knee deep in an Asian Network of guns and narcotics.

It's a great story.  Take a look:

On 01-16-2005, at 06:00 hours, Detective Jason Player was called to duty to investigate a shooting at #12 Fomalhualt Court, Sewell, New Jersey. This residence is located in the Birches West section of Washington Township. For approximately six (6) months prior to this drive-by shooting Washington Township Police had listed this area as a problem area and assigned directed patrols to curb the calls for service and the neighborhood complaints. The complaints ranged from juveniles playing in the street to assaults, drinking in public and reported drug sales. During this time Washington Township Police Special Investigation Unit (SIU) was investigating the area for narcotic activity and formulated several target locations within the area of the Birches West Development.

Det. Player is currently assigned to SIU and was the on call Duty Detective for Washington Township Police that day. Det. Player had a very good understanding of the problems in this area through SIU investigations which made him aware of most of the reported names and locations.


On location Det. Player was briefed on the case by the Patrol Officers who were the first to arrive on location of the reported shooting. Det. Player was assisted by Det. P. Ferris from the Gloucester County Prosecutorís Office Major Crime Unit. At this time based on witness statements an on site investigation it was clear this was not an accidental shooting, but in fact a intentional drive Ė by shooting with the residences at #12 Fomalhualt Court as the target of the gun fire.

Within a ten (10) hour time frame, Det. Player developed suspect vehicle information which subsequently lead to the recovery of bullet casings that were found in the vehicle. Det. Player continued his aggressive pursuit of the persons responsible for the shooting. With information obtained during his investigation Det. Player identified two (2) suspects as possible shooters in this case. Det. Player and members of his investigation team responded to a suspectís residence where he interviewed a male suspect that was reported to be involved in the shooting. Based on his diligent and professional interview skills, Det. Player effected an arrest of a juvenile male who was in possession of one (1) of the handguns used in the shooting.

This male lead Det. Player to Franklin Township where the second handgun was located in a barn. Within a twenty-four hour time frame Det. Player arrested two (2) persons involved in the shooting and recovered two (2) handguns used in the shooting.

During the following week Det. Player identified a third (3rd) person that had been involved in the shooting and located same in Gloucester Township N.J. This person had to be extracted from a residence in Gloucester Township via a SWAT team.   

While working with the Gloucester County Prosecutorís Office Major Crime Unit, Det. Player identified the person who supplied the illegal firearms that were used in the shooting. This person resided in the City of Philadelphia and was not only supplying firearms to young Washington Township citizens, but was also identified as a major supplier of narcotics to juveniles and adults.

At this point a joint investigation was started, that now encompassed Washington Township Police, Gloucester County Prosecutorís Office Major Crime Unit and the FBI office in Philadelphia. The target of the investigation in Philadelphia was a known Asian Gang member.

Through good investigative techniques and support of the agencies involved an undercover operation began. Det. Player was selected to work in an undercover capacity after a very lengthy interview and evaluation process that was conducted by the FBI in Washington DC. It should be noted that very few municipal Police Officers / Detectives have been selected to perform undercover operations and received authorization from the FBI Headquarters to work in this capacity.

A long term investigation was started that lasted one (1) year and eleven (11) months. Det. Player infiltrated the Asian male illegal network of narcotics and firearms. Det. Player covertly became a customer of the Asian male suspect and he successfully purchased over ten (10) ounces of crack cocaine, marijuana and a fully operational assault rifle (AK-47) from the Asian male. While Det. Player continued his role as an undercover officer dealing with the Asian male on a weekly basics an electronic surveillance was put in place to monitor the Asian maleís illegal network. This electronic surveillance identified twenty-six (26) young adult residents from Washington Township who were dealing with the Asian male in narcotic transactions. As a result a Task Force was formed and twenty-four (24) arrests were made for the possession of narcotics.    

The arrest of the Asian male came with team work and Det. Players unwavering dedication, efforts, effectiveness and high level of professionalism exhibited during this investigation. The Asian male is facing Federal charges that require a minimum twenty (20) year imprisonment. As of October 19, 2006, this case is now in Federal Court and as a result I DSG. Richard L. Sumek, have been authorized by the FBI to disclose this case and Det. Players outstanding service.

Nice job to Detective Player and all who assisted with the investigation.

Police and Law Enforcement News

Saturday, May 26, 2007 9:50 p.m.


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