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An Ebay for Cops? Introduces an Auction
Website for the Law Enforcement Community
Police and Law Enforcement News
Wednesday, December 17
, 2008 12:50 a.m.


CORAL GABLES, Fla., September 3, 2008 – While communities across the nation depend on law enforcement officials to protect and serve, law enforcement professionals rely on their own means for safety – their equipment.  In an effort to lessen the costly financial burden for law enforcement officials required to purchase their own equipment,, the only auction Web site dedicated specifically to the law enforcement community, was developed and launches today, providing an outlet for police officers, corrections officers, sheriffs and other law enforcement personnel to buy, sell and trade law enforcement equipment.

"After serving as a police officer for years, I realized I had accumulated a substantial amount of equipment that was still usable and in great condition, but had been replaced by newer models,” said Joe Fleres, president of  “Instead of letting these quality, older models of equipment collect dust in our closets, allows them to be put to good use for other law enforcement professionals.”


In fact, with more than 800,000 full-time sworn law enforcement officers in the United States in 2004, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, hundreds of thousands of pieces of equipment are replaced or upgraded every day.  With that, understood the magnitude of how helpful an auction Web site dedicated solely to the law enforcement community could be. was developed as a way to help law enforcement personnel recoup a portion of the money originally spent on equipment by selling it to other law enforcement officers at a reduced rate, in turn also helping the buyer.

The auction Web site was designed for law enforcement professionals, agencies and suppliers, offering an easy-to-use service for bidding on and listing items for auction.  Categories for products auctioned on range from vehicle equipment and apparel to holsters and handcuffs, among others. 

Customized specifically for law enforcement, also offers a unique service which keeps track of users’ bidding and tracking activities.  As part of the service, users can view information on bids placed, items sold and items bought.  In addition, the registration process is designed to discourage non-law enforcement personnel from utilizing the Web site, as users are required to provide proof of their law enforcement status.

“Geographical boundaries are no longer a limitation for agencies and merchants wanting to auction off their surplus of equipment, or for cops wanting to sell or trade what they no longer use,” said Fleres.  “ enables law enforcement around the world to auction their equipment through the most targeted online channel available.”

To assist agencies, suppliers and individuals with placing products up for auction,, unlike other auction sites, will not be charging an insertion fee for listing auctions. Individuals will be able to place a product up for auction and display a photo of the item at no charge, but may choose to add additional photos and other upgrades to their listings for nominal fees paid securely through PayPal.  The seller pays a Final Value Fee through PayPal if the product is sold, and the buyer pays all shipping costs.


Founded in 2007 by Coral Gables, Fla. police officer, Joe Fleres,, Inc. is a privately held company that began with the vision of providing a viable Web site that enables individuals and merchants around the world to buy, sell and trade law enforcement equipment through the most targeted online channel available to law enforcement.  Today, it is the only auction Web site dedicated specifically to the law enforcement community.  For more information, please visit
Police and Law Enforcement News
Wednesday, December 17
, 2008 12:50 a.m.

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