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The Least We Can Do
Police and Law Enforcement News
Monday, July 13
, 2009 1:50 p.m.

For whatever reason, it doesn’t feel like we are at war.  There’s just not a day-to-day “wartime” feeling.” 

But, we are at war.


And while we’re all beginning to soak in the beautifulness of summer, it’s a very different world over in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Over there, we’re definitely at war.

Each month, those young soldiers are sending home a few dozen of their friends.  Many of these fallen soldiers are just a few years from being called kids.

Instead of some drawn out piece emphasizing the importance of doing everything we can for the families of returning soldiers, we just ask that you watch a simple video. 

On June 11, 2009 the body of Staff Sergeant John Beale came home to America.  He was flown into Falcon Field in Peachtree City, Georgia.  Waiting for him was a precession made up of dozens and dozens of vehicles including police cars, military vehicles, and, of course, family.  Staff Sgt. Beale was taken from the airport to his hometown of McDonough, Georgia.   The local police departments went above and beyond (we've seen several different videos of this precession) to be there for Staff Sergeant Beale and his family.

But it wasn’t the help of the police that made this story so special.

A simple notice was published in the local paper indicating the time and route of the precession. 

That’s all it took.

The video you are about to see was shot from inside of one of the police cars in the precession.  In this video you will bear witness to an incredible and massive and bold statement of kindness, love, and support. These thousands and thousands of people came out for one man. 

In our job it’s easy to lose sight of goodness.  This video will make you remember.

I guess this editorial is not so much law enforcement as it is fallen soldier.  After seeing this video, though, something had to be written.

So, if your agency or your squad gets a call asking for help with a detail involving a fallen soldier think of that day in June, and give them everything you can. 

It’s the least we can do. 

Click here to view the video.

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While all opinions will be considered, we will not post any messages that are inflammatory, that bash any ethnic group, or that are just beyond reason.  Letters will be reviewed and posted each day. reserves the right to alter, shorten, or decline any submission. 


Saw a similar precession in Yarmouth Massachusetts this past week for Nicholas Xiarhos the son of a Yarmouth PD LT who was serving with the Marines in Afghanistan. My thoughts and prayers go out to Lt. Steven Xiarhos and all of the Xiarhos family.  Thank You for your service Nicholas.

-RPD-NJ 61

I am elated to see what was done for this HERO, Sgt Beale. This practice needs to be done throughout the country, not only for the ultimate sacrifice which Sgt Beale made, along with the  many other American soldiers, but to bring awareness to young Americans who are not aware of what has taken place since 911 with NO realistic end in sight. I firmly believe that all newspapers should give these heroes a line or two to let US know when our heroes are arriving home like Sgt. Beal

-Retired Philadelphia Police Officer 

Very moving, my heart goes out to the Beale Family, may your son now rest in peace. God Bless*

God bless the Beale's family, God bless the USA

I had a hard time keeping the tears back.  I really don't know why this video showing its love to one of its own that died for its country isn't national news.  Amazing video and I will try to find a way to save it so I can show my boys later.

-Mike D.
-Nacogdoches Tx

Thank you SSGT Beale for your sacrifice for America.  May God Bless all who are fighting for the freedoms of this wonderful country.  I'm finding it difficult to stop my tears.  What a deserving tribute to a hero.

Its heartwarming to see Americans being American.  God Bless Us All.


R.I.P. SSGT. Beale you have served well and with GREAT Honor. We will finish the job Brother. I am very proud to see people show that level of respect they showed.  My thanks to the Police and Fire for their respects as well. I was very moved by the raised ladders, and I know that is very symbolic for honoring Firemen. So again Thanks and my Prayers are with the Beale Family.

RIP brother!!!!

"Nam Myho Renge Kyo". (Justice with peace). God Bless the Beales family and God bless America. For our freedom you fought, for our lives that you protected. My gratitude, respect and honor stands with our troops and the foundations for what America stands for. This video made me cry the entire 12 minutes. God Bless You.

This should be seen by everyone, very moving. RIP brother.

What a sacrifice SSGT Beale and his family has made for our freedom. From the Battlefield Frontline to the red white and blue draped finish line, may you now Rest In Peace dear soldier......... -DLW  NJ

Truly amazing video.  How patriotic Georgia and it's residents our to a "TRUE AMERICAN HERO". Hopefully other states in AMERICA won't turn a blind eye and continue to RESPECT and HONOR our soldiers and there family as did Georgia. God Bless the military..

To the Beale Family I hope you were Honored just like I was of the send off your family member was given. "God Speed"

Chris Former US Coast Guard
New Jersey

What a tearjerker, it's awesome to see that there are still people out there who appreciate the sacrifices our brave men and women make everyday in the armed forces.  We should all be proud of their service, political differences aside.

R.I.P. SSgt Beale

This was an amazing display of the best America has to offer. An honor to watch.

God bless all my brothers near and far, thank god for them and the job they do, without them the things we do will never be possible. Thank you and your families, may god walk with them all. 

OH My that was the most heart wrenching video I ever watched!! What an honor to that Sgt-its things like this that make you hope he is looking down at the people that are grateful for his HUGE sacrifice!!

-Jan from Westfield N.Y.

Awesome Video
They are more patriotic in Georgia than they are in New Jersey.

Words cannot say anything, The video says it all.

God Bless America

Man couldn't hold back tears. Rest in peace Brother.

Wow!  This is what the media should be reporting on: the love and support Americans have for their fallen soldiers.  The love for their brothers and sisters and their families who sacrifice for our freedom.  Forget "Wacko Jacko".  SSGT Beale was a real American.  May God bless everyone who took the time out of their busy lives to pay tribute to SSGT Beale.

Very moving. Holding back tears the entire video.

Rest In Peace SSGT Beale

Great Video! Thank you Staff Sergeant Beale for the sacrifice you made! God Bless his family.

It goes to show you the difference between different parts of the country!  I participated in the traffic detail like this in New Jersey and people were more annoyed because we were blocking traffic than anything else! 

God Bless SSgt Beale and his family!  Thank you for your sacrifice so that we have the right to be annoyed!

What a tremendous statement by the people of Georgia.  God bless the family of Staff Sergeant Beale.


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