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About Andrew A. DeMuth Jr.


Andrew A. DeMuth Jr. law enforcement veteran from Monmouth County, New Jersey.  He spent five years managing loss prevention units in private security prior to starting his law enforcement career in 1990.

Over the years, he has worked the gamut from serving as an undercover narcotics officer to major crimes investigations to working with children in various programs to administrative planning and policy development.  He also served on a raid and entry team; he is the department range master; he runs a very successful Youth Police Academy program, and he coordinates much of his agency's training with the NJLearn and PowerDMS platforms as well as working on or leading various special projects for his agency.

In 2002, Andrew conceived and launched the online magazine and website  Andrew has authored an extensive amount of articles, columns and various other pieces pertaining to law enforcement.

The site quickly rose in readership and viewership and, today, sees approximately 70,000 unique visitors and more than 300,000 page views per month.  A very active message forum comprised of site visitors has more than 10,000 members.

The award winning site along with the companion Facebook and Twitter pages have become a staple of the New Jersey law enforcement.

Prior to, he was a founding partner and seminar leader in the company Law Enforcement Associates, a firm that held test preparation seminars throughout New Jersey.

Andrew has attended a wide array of training over the years including HIDTA, Penn State Police Executive Development (POLEX) Basic and Advanced Training programs and the 14-week West Point Command and Leadership Academy.

Today, Andrew DeMuth continues writing about various law enforcement issues and topics and manages the investigations division for his agency.



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