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Overview of the PR-24

It's called the PR-24 or the side handle baton. 

There are several theories as to how the PR-24 got its name. 

Released to the market in or about 1974, it was initially referred to as "The Prosecutor."  Some feel that the "PR" was short for prosecutor.

Monadnock, the manufacturer of the PR 24, promotes it as a tool designed to "protect and restrain," and others feel that PR is short for that name.

Also, the length and weight of most models is 24 inches and 24 ounces.  There's the "24."

No matter what you call it, the PR-24 is an excellent tool.

The PR-24 closely resembles the tonfa, a very old martial arts fighting weapon.  One source, however, writes, "While Monadnock claims that the PR-24 is NOT based on the tonfa, the same techniques applicable to the tonfa are also used with employing the PR-24."

Unlike most of our tools, the PR-24 is designed to be used with both hands, and some techniques are used solely with the support hand.

Also, it is designed to be both offensive and defensive. 

The PR-24 is offensive when used for strikes or take downs.  It is defensive when used to block attacks.

PR-24's are fading in use a bit with the addition of the ASP, but many still love them for their simplicity and multitude of uses.

PR-24's are considered weapons, and citizens should consult their local laws before any purchase. 

Police officers can purchase PR-24's from many dealers including Chief Supply



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