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Police and Law Enforcement Home  >  Wanted for the Shooting of Two New York State Troopers


Updated 9/8/06 - From Fox News:

In Custody!
Surrounded Cop
Killer Surrenders

Phillips surrendered to police around 8 p.m., walking out of a cornfield with his hands up. The end of the state's largest manhunt came after a frantic day of searching that started with troopers firing at Phillips then squeezing him into a tighter and tighter hole just over the Pennsylvania state line.

Cheers went up at two state police barracks, one in Pennsylvania and one in New York, as news of Phillips surrender spread.

The 44-year-old career thief who broke out of a Buffalo-area jail in April, is suspected of killing a state trooper and wounding two others. Phillips, who threatened "suicide by cop" and once promised to "splatter pig meat all over Chautauqua County," was on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list.


See below for further information.


Alert Cancelled 9/8/06


Ralph "Bucky" Phillips
Photo Taken August 8, 2006


Photo from Erie County Sheriff's Office


Digitally Enhanced by NYSP
to Remove Facial Hair


Ralph "Bucky" Phillips

Bucky Phillips, Harold Phillips, Ralph Phillips

Sex:    Male
Race:    American Indian
Age:    44 years
Height:    6'0
Weight:   180 to 200
Hair:    Black
Eyes:   Brown
Build:  Very Lean
Complexion:  Medium
Clothing:  Unknown
Other:  May wear glasses; thought to wear a mustache at this time, but has been be clean-shaven or has worn a beard in the past; subject may have recently had a haircut, although in the past he's been known to wear his hair in a ponytail.

Last Known Address


Suspect should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

As of 9/2 the reward is $225,000.

Recent Press Coverage:

Sep 7 - Case to be Featured on America's Most Wanted

Sep 5 - Funeral Arrangements Announced

Sep 5 - Trooper's Body Returned to his Hometown

Sep 3 - Trooper Longobardo Dies from His Injuries

Sep 2 - Accused Trooper Shooter no Folk Hero

Sep 2 - Two Wounded Troopers Among the State's Elite

Sep 2 - Ambushed Troopers Remain Critical

Sep 2 - Manhunt Widens in Trooper Shooting Case



Wanted for the Shooting of Two
New York State Troopers

Forward the address of this page to
help get this story out to all LEO's and citizens.


Before we get into what happened, be advised that this suspect is extremely dangerous.  He has actually shot three officers this year.  Back on the 10th of June, Ralph "Bucky" Phillips shot New York State Trooper Sean Brown who survived after being struck in the abdomen as he approached a stolen car.

Additionally, the current incident appears to be an unprovoked ambush, so Phillips may be targeting law officers.


Thursday, August 31, 2006

Suspect: Ralph "Bucky" Phillips
What Happened: The shooting took place on Thursday, August 31, 2006.  The Associated Press gave a good account of the incident:

FREDONIA, N.Y. Two state troopers staking out the home of an escaped convict's ex-girlfriend were shot in an ambush, and authorities Friday were searching the surrounding area for the fugitive.

Neither trooper saw the suspect when they were shot Thursday evening, and neither returned fire, but one was able to radio for help, State Police Superintendent Wayne Bennett said. Both officers were hospitalized in critical condition.  "It's clear to me the troopers were ambushed," Bennett said.

From CNN:

One trooper was hit in the back with a bullet that penetrated his bullet-resistant vest, Bennett said. The other was shot in the thigh and suffered massive blood loss from a severed artery.

The troopers never saw it coming, Bennett said, and did not return fire.

Phillips, who escaped from jail back in April, is believed to be traveling between New York and Pennsylvania.  Since his escape, Phillips is the suspect in at least 15 car thefts, numerous burglaries, and a theft at a gun store.


Trooper Joseph A. Longobardo
Trooper Longobardo died from
his injuries on 9/3/06


Trooper Donald H. Baker Jr.
9/3 - Upgraded to Serious Condition


Other Remarks: Extremely Dangerous!

Forward the address of this page to everyone, and let's keep this guy's face on the front page. authorizes posting any and all of this content on other sites and message boards.

Contact: To reach the New York State Police Command Post, call 1-800-728-0697 or e-mail the information to:




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