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April, 2014  -  Councilman Calls Hero Cop a Fool

March, 2014  -  NJ Cops Make Too Much!

March, 2014  -  NJ Newspaper's Shot at Police Backfires

February, 2014  -  A Showdown Looms

January, 2014  -  A Slain Hero, A Freed Coward

January, 2014  -  Top Articles of 2013

December, 2013  -  Boston Mayor-Elect to Cops: You Don't Need AR-15's

March, 2013  -  The Story Everyone Should Be Watching: Lawrence to Privatize Dispatch

March, 2013  -  Tactics - Putting Productivity Over Safety

February, 2013  -  Street Survival 2013 Didn't Disappoint

January, 2013  -  What to Do When a Driver Hands You a Cell Phone

December, 2012  -  A Trooper, An Assemblyman, and a Video

April, 2012  -  'Kissing Cop' Under Investigation Again

March, 2012  -  How Would You Handle this Call?

February, 2012  -  5 Reasons Good Cops Carry Business Cards

February, 2012  -  Can-Am Police-Fire Games 2012

February, 2012  -  How We are Suppose to Treat Each Other

February, 2012  -  The Department that Launched a Thousand Careers: Seaside Heights

January, 2012  -  Inmates 1, Cops 0

August, 2011  -  Knights and Civil Servants

August, 2010  -  Drug Suspect vs. Horse. Horse Wins

August, 2010  -  PBA Unveils Billboard Protesting Atlantic City Layoffs

August, 2010  -  Flight Attendant Takes Infant from Mom Who Slapped Her in Face

July, 2010    -    Searches Down, Coffee Up

February, 2010    -    Officer Wears Number of the Beast

February, 2010    -    HOV Lanes Not for Dummies

January, 2010    -    Is the NJ Sergeant's Exam Discriminatory?

September, 2009  -  South Carolina Mayor Bans Foot Pursuits

September, 2009  -  Reporter Gets it Right

August, 2009 - Gang Member Picks the Wrong Skateboarder

August, 2009  -  So, Your Wife is Posing for Playboy?

July, 2009  -  WNY Officers Need Your Help

July, 2009  -  Oh Good, Another Article on Diversity

June, 2009  -  Six Decades on the Job

May, 2009  -  How to Make it Look Like a Cover Up

March, 2009  -  TCNJ Student Claims Excessive Force

February, 2009 - Police Dogs Deserve More

February, 2009 - Move Over Law Now in Effect

January, 2009 - Large Turnout Requested at Sentencing for Officer's Death



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