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Police and Law Enforcement Home  >  The Column  >  South Carolina Mayor Bans Foot Pursuits


The Column





South Carolina Mayor Bans Foot Pursuits
Police and Law Enforcement News
Tuesday, September 8
, 2009 11:17 a.m.

And you thought your mayor was bad.

In addition to her recent decree banning vehicle pursuits, this mayor has now banned foot pursuits.


A memo issued by Wellford, South Carolina Mayor Sallie Peake, lays it out:

“As of this date, there are to be no more foot chases when a suspect runs. I do not want anyone chasing after any suspects whatsoever.“

The only thing more bizarre than this rule is the interview with Mayor Sallie herself.  Take a look:


So the next time you see your mayor, give him or her a big hug.



Your Comments

Absolutely incredible! The nuts are running the asylum and one of them is running the city Wellford, South Carolina!

How in the World did this person get elected?  I hope the voters see this.

I see where this is going. It costs a lot of money when cops get hurt, so lets stop them from doing dangerous things. A fella could get hurt on a domestic dispute, I guess we shouldn't go to those any more. And what about armed robberies? Those guys might have guns! That could get you hurt too. Better steer clear of investigating drug dealers. They like to run and fight. Let's tell the guys to go someplace safe and wait for citizens to come report crimes so they can document them for the FBI UCR. How about the fire station? It's safe there. Maybe the FD should stay inside too. Fires get pretty hot and smoky. You could get hurt trying to put one out.

Our world as we know it going down the crapper with idiots like this running city government. I cannot understand one word she says.

You can believe all of that if you want to, but anyone who looks at the books knows it just ain't true. For 8 years our infrastructure crumbled, social programs suffered, labor force was sold out, and now the mentally unarmed are crying about all the money we have to lay out to bring it back.

In case you haven't realized yet, the US economy is not a point of sale transaction. WalMart sells a lot of things, but a good economy isn't one of them. Spending the money today, in no way implies that there will be a positive result the next day.

As a very powerful moron once said, "stay the course". Only this time Gilligan isn't driving the boat, so we might actually get back home.

To be clear, I'm not defending the Mayor, I'm only taking issue with the nonsensical "blame the other side" mentality that oozes from the right. Obama is still playing the field, but in case anyone has lost their sports page, here's the score.

Bush Jr - Near total economic collapse, and hundreds of thousands of lives lost due to his decisions.

Clinton - Got a BJ, left office with a surplus. I say he's entitled to at least one more, but I would appreciate it if a former POTUS didn't pal around with fat chicks.

Bush Sr.(R) - War, which subsequently sent us into a recession. The spend and spend (no taxes) didn't catch up to the Republicans til about 89, after this wacko was elected. Otherwise we would be at least one Bush light.

Reagan(R) - A hotbed of corruption ranging from Aspartame with Rumsfeld, to Iran Contra. Presided over the 1987 market crash, the S&L crisis. Oh wait, he WAS responsible for Grenada. Best week of his office.

Carter(D) - A useless tool that is incapable of running anything more complicated than a lemonade stand. Sweet guy, but incompetent. While he didn't resolve our economic issues, he really didn't make them worse either. He was just kind of "there".

Ford(R) - Oil, oil, oil. Subsequent near collapse of the economy. Gas lines longer than opening night for Lord of the Rings.

Notice a pattern here? Every Republican in office for the last 30 years has caused either economic hardship, or worse, has brought us to the brink. Now we're pointing fingers at Obama in his freshman year? Get real, and stay away from a voting booth until you can push that IQ score into the triple digits.

By the way, how's that "mission accomplished" thing working out? I'll tell ya.   It's not.

How Presidential... I'll bet anything that the crime rate skyrockets. I'm a white person with some black people that I truly admire. George Washington Carver, Condoleeza Rice, Richard Steele, Bill Cosby just to name a few. This woman is the epitome of stupid. Sterilize her now! This kind of stupidity is dangerous.

First of all anyone elected to an executive level political office with a gold tooth should not be taken seriously... Anyway the sooner you morons realize this is not a liberal / conservative issue and an issue involving the "person" and start demanding a viable third and fourth political party in this county the nonsense is going to continue... This lady is clearly a jack*ss and does not represent her constituents or any political party appropriately, the minute we expect more than mediocrity as a society and hold our so-called elected leadership accountable the better off we will all be, both liberals and conservatives...

This is what you get when you don’t vote!

I think god blessed her as one of the "special people" he put on this earth to entertain us.

I think the person that made the previous comment is Mayer Peake. True liberals believe that cops are the problem. Conservatives know better!

For the record Barrack has spent more in the first 6 months than any President in the history of this nation. What job did he get done? Look the direction this country has taken in since January. You can’t keep blaming Conservatives and Bush.

The President, House and Senate, and this Mayer from Wellford are all Democrats. How is that “hope and change” working out for you?

This is not a liberal. This is conservatism run amok. The only reason this moron is doing what she's doing is because of the costs involved. A liberal would spend, and get the job done.

This is the intelligence level of most conservatives, represented here in the comments. Blame dangerously fiscally conservative policies on the liberals, lol.

Yeah, because we're known for that sort of thing.

Can they walk fast after suspects?

What is the average IQ in this town? How can anyone that stupid ever get elected
to the office of mayor? Sorry, I think I just committed a crime. I questioned
the policy of a minority. I must be a racist.

SHE IS BEYOND a liberal status.. wonder what she "ran"on for mayor ? What a fruit cake she is and what she is doing to that town.... all I will say is: BE SAFE OUT THERE - A fellow LEO

Wow. I cannot wait until the national media gets a hold of this... she is out of her mind. I feel bad for that town, all of its citizens and obviously the officers who's jobs are most definitely being restricted.

It's eco-friendly crime. No gas, no extra energy, no shoe leather - just walk away. Next will be no self-protection. After all, criminals have rights, too.  Welcome to medieval times.

At first , I thought she was crazy, then I thought, ok, that's good the police officers won't get hurt as much, they can use their guns more, then I thought, well, for the safety ,protection and welfare, of the police officer and their partner, I know now running has to be put of the job, because fight or flight are natural instincts, and as much as the Mayor, wants to enforce this, it is inevitable , that all will run ,if need be. And the Mayor is wrong in this case. --Have Had to run for my life-

-Joyce, but walking is good.

I cannot believe the hypocrisy of this moron!  "May God bless you!" repeated over and over and over... I don't believe in the liberal's interpretation of "separation of church and state," but this woman is obviously a liberal, and she's using her office to espouse belief in God!  And she doesn't even know how stupid she's being!!

ROTFLMAO... yeah, how did this idiot ever get to be mayor?  More importantly, how does her body support respiration with a brain that has no gray matter!?

Why didn't the reporter ask relevant questions? Like what year she thinks it is, under what conditions she may resume taking her meds etc.

This Major needs to get a grip, She has just opened the doors to anyone to commit crimes, major & Minor in her community as the criminal knows that the Police will not give chase. Up go the crime stats.. I feel sorry for the Officers, but I don't think it will take to long before "the Major" has problems finding Officers to come to work there...  Absurd

My goodness !! This epitomizes fraud waste and abuse. The Mayor should lock herself up for wasting taxpayers $$ on whatever her salary is, even if only $0.01/year. May the people of Wellford, S.C. get what they voted for !!

Are you kidding me?  Now every scumbag in that town will commit every crime known to man and knows that all they have to do is run and nobody will chase them!  I hope that town starts getting raped by lawsuits!

Sorry But That Is A Violation Of The Laws.

This Mayor is a nut, the state of SC needs to step in and take her out of office on a medical. What nuts voted for her?

This Mayor is a danger to the police officers and the community itself. God, I hope she doesn't have a handgun permit.

SC is a great state and I hope I can retire there soon, I just hope if I ever come close to that town there is a road sign that say's "Nuts Ahead" so I can reroute.

Criminal are also for gun control, I bet that's next on her agenda.

What a jackass this woman is. Thank the residents for voting this woman into office.

This is what happens when uneducated citizens vote and educated citizens get so fed up they don't vote.  They need to save as much money as possible, it'll come in handy when they lose the first civil suit that results from this policy.

     This is awesome!!! Let's make a road trip for a crime spree to this town...Let's see: Commit a burglary, theft or robbery and walk away from the crime scene and should the police arrive to stop the crime, just run away...No, just run to the next house and commit a new crime and then run!  You actually may be a rich lad by the end of the day.  I bet this Mayor's police officers love her.  Obviously she supports them and is concerned for their safety...or at least the insurance premiums supporting their safety!  The perfect scenario:  Mayor calls the police for a burglary in progress at her house.  The police arrive and the burglar flees.  The Mayor orders the officers to catch the bad guy.  The police advise the Mayor they cannot apprehend the perp because he is running away...with HER money!!! 

That is the funniest thing I have seen in quite some time.  What a nut!  Makes you wonder how stupid the residents must be if that was the best they could get for a mayor...

People are the same wherever you go.  The difference in Wellford SC is that the average home sells for $100,000 with the annual property tax at $500 and the 4 officers hired to Police are paid $26,000 a year. A land that time has forgotten when compared to NJ.   

Do you think your mayor is any different. Most towns in NJ pay a ton to lawyers, business admins., and department heads, to tell assholes like your going to go to jail or your going to get sued at least ten times a day to thwart their ridiculous ideas. Still foolish policies are passed. Looks like in that town they can't afford to buy dirt but the property tax is about $800 per year for the average home. Who's crazy now? 

 In South Carolina, officers routinely switch employers in order to make a few more bucks (average pay is demonstrably lower than in NJ).   Wait until the entire Pd in this backward town up and quit (probably only 4 to 7 officers anyway); and then no one will work there due to the sitting Mayor.  I guess old Sallie will strap on a gun, badge, and radio and patrol the streets. I hope she never is victimized by crime.

We can thank Mayor Peaks if the crime in our towns is slower this month, because all the criminals have gone to South Carolina.

I think that mayor is in the wrong job. I'm a retired police officer, and was astounded when I read this article. She is doing a disservice to the community, and should be removed.

Is this woman intoxicated?

How many resident's are in this town, who elected her, and were they sober or are they all family members???  State Troopers...please step into this town, it's a ticking bomb...

Federal laws need to be made to stop politicians across the country from having direct power over law enforcement agencies. As for this mayor, well... don't forget she had to have been voted into office by the people of Wellford.

She should move to Newark, City Council President at least!

ATTENTION CRIMINALS, go to Welford ,SC.  You can do the crime and won't have to do the time

I feel a great deal of pity for the residents of that town and the police dept. that has to work under that nut job.  I suppose that's what you get when you elect a mayor from the ceta program.

Is that Essex County?

I'm flabbergasted. This woman is almost incoherent. Who on earth elects a mayor who is already afflicted with Alzheimer's.

Are you kidding me?

Wow... she needs to be mayor of the local mental hospital.

Oh my God! I don't even know what to say.

What is wrong with this mayor?  So, how long till the state AG steps in and overrides this BS call?

Wow.  I thought the politicians in New Jersey were morons.  But this mayor... well.  I just don't know what to even say.  Apparently, nobody ran against her.

Sorry brothers and sisters of Wellford, SC!

This person needs to be recalled. I can just see criminals moving to this town. She needs to go.

Are you kidding me? There should be a petition right now for her resignation.  She sounds and acts like she has only a 3rd grade education.  An utter shame that she holds this position when a high schooler could probably do a more effective job.  Someone needs to smack some sense into this mayor.

This is why civilians should not have authority over operational decisions.



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