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What is a Blackberry?Blackberry 7520

More and more, blackberries are becoming frequently used on the job.  They are very clever devices and have a host of applications.

So, what is a blackberry? 

Their website defines the blackberry as a combination of "award winning devices, software and services to keep mobile professionals in touch with the people, data and resources that drive their day."


A more simple definition would define the blackberry as a hand-held device which serves as a cellular phone, personal organizer, wireless Internet browser, speakerphone, long-range digital walkie-talkie, and mini-laptop which can send and receive email from just about anywhere.

Now, of course, the features included depend on the particular model.

BlackberryWho is Using Blackberry?

Blackberry also has programs specifically designed for our field.  Last year, LAPD put 200 units into operation for their senior commanders.  The idea behind it was to free these officers from their computers allowing them to spend more time in the field. 

Security Issues with Blackberry

Blackberries come in all shapes and sizes and with many uses in mind.  Clearly, industries needing the ability to communicate sensitive information, such as ours, were thought of during the initial planning.

AES and Triple DES encryption are available for both the Blackberry devices and the Blackberry servers.  Additional software and applications are also available from several companies.

This, obviously, is a sought feature for agencies requiring an extra level of security.

Blackberry Applications for the Job


There is an extensive amount of software available for Blackberry devices, and some were specifically designed for the job. Info-Cop, known for their MDT software packages, now has software for Blackberry devices.  The Talon Blackberry Edition is another software package with numerous features.Blackberry

What Features Could Blackberry Offer Our Agency?

An officer on horse patrol could run a stopped suspect NCIC.  Narcotics guys on a search warrant can pull up pictures of arrested persons to compare with the subjects in the house.  Detectives can run plate checks right from their surveillance location without using the radio. 

VIN checks, warrant checks, gun histories, DL checks, and just about everything you could imagine can be done with a blackberry loaded with the right software.

Blackberry - The Cost

Blackberries range in price from $99. to $500. and can be purchased in both retail stores and online.  If you are looking to research a purchase, you should contact a Blackberry representative to determine exactly which model and software you need for your purposes and which pricing plan would be right for you.

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