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New Jersey Police Training

 March, 2014



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March Police Training


3 Records Management for Law Enforcement Camden County, NJ
3 Autism Awareness Camden County, NJ
3-4 Report Writing Gloucester County, NJ
3-5 Field Training Officer – Penn State South Brunswick PD
3-5/5 Auxiliary Police Class Bergen County, NJ
3-7/14 Basic Course for Police Officers Gloucester County, NJ
4 Retirement Planning — Public Employees PERS Union County, NJ
4 Patrol Response to the Hostage or Barricaded Situations . Somerset County, NJ
4-6 E.M.T. Transition/Recertification (Course A, B & C) Passaic County, NJ
5 Computer Crimes Camden County, NJ
5 DDCS Defensive Driving Course Gloucester County, NJ
5 F.A.T.S. Train The Trainer Union County, NJ
5-7 Defensive Tactics and Combatives for Female Law Enforcement Officers Union County, NJ
6 Domestic Violence PREP: Understanding the Victim of Domestic Violence Union County, NJ
6 Mandatory Agency Training Series (M.A.T.S.) .. Somerset County, NJ
6 Basic Investigator/Detective Cape May County, NJ
6 Mandatory Agency Training Series (M.A.T.S.) Somerset County, NJ
6 Arrest, Search & Seizure / Search Warrant Preparation / Title 2C Update / Title 39 Motor Vehicle Update / Communication Data Warrant Preparation Morris County, NJ
6-7 Interview and Interrogation 14-1 MBCI    DCJ Course Middlesex County, NJ
7 Record Management for Law Enforcement Agencies Union County, NJ
7-10/24 Basic Crime Scene Investigator  (This is actually a four-week course broke up throughout the year covering a wide array of different investigatory topics Somerset County, NJ
10 OC Instructor Certification Program (ICP) Morris County, NJ
10 Train the Trainer / Active Shooter Response Monmouth County, NJ
10 Cell Block Management & Suicide Awareness Union County, NJ
10 FBI’s Ethics for the Police Executive Union County, NJ
10 Jeopardy and Liability Reduction For Law Enforcement Officers Union County, NJ
10-11 Phase I – Drug Recognition Expert Course - NJSP Passaic County, NJ
10-11 Report Writing Passaic County, NJ
10-11 Locating and Questioning Witnesses Mercer County, NJ
10-11 Police Response to Mental Illness & Excited Delirium Union County, NJ
10-12 Field Training Officer (FTO) School Gloucester County, NJ
10-12 First Line Supervision for Corrections - Penn State Camden County, NJ
10-14 Active Shooter Instructor Course . Somerset County, NJ
10-14 Basic Emergency Communications Officer Bergen County, NJ
10-26 (Sporadic Days) Methods of Instruction Atlantic County, NJ
12 Coaching: A Critical Skill for Field Training Officers, Line Supervisors and Law Enforcement Executives Union County, NJ
12 Community Policing Train The Trainer: Welcome To America Union County, NJ
12 Domestic Violence Update Union County, NJ
12 Excel II Passaic County, NJ
12 Applied Leadership Principles Morris County, NJ
12 Domestic Violence In-Service Training Morris County, NJ
12 Use Of Force & Vehicular Pursuit Morris County, NJ
13 COP 2 COP Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention Training Union County, NJ
13 Building A Social Media Presence Morris County, NJ
13 Internal Investigation Function Morris County, NJ
13-14 Monadnock Expandable Baton Instructor’s Course Union County, NJ
13-21 Phase II – Drug Recognition Expert Course - NJSP Passaic County, NJ
14 Review of Monmouth County Prosecutor's Policies for Law Enforcement Officers Monmouth County, NJ
17 Courtroom Testimony Union County, NJ
17-18 Effective Report Writing Union County, NJ
17-18 Drunk Driving Prosecution & Enforcement Program Camden County, NJ
17-19 Incident Command 300 Bergen County, NJ
17-20 Emergency Medical Dispatch Bergen County, NJ
17-21 Methods of Instruction Cape May County, NJ
17-21 Event Data Recorder Use in Traffic Reconstruction Gloucester County, NJ
17-21 Method of Instructor (MOI) Course Gloucester County, NJ
17-21 Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training Union County, NJ
17-21 Police Service Rifle Instructor Camden County, NJ
17-21 Telecommunicator's Training–9-1-1 Basic 40 Hour Course Morris County, NJ
18 Gang Awareness Somerset County, NJ
18-19 P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Pro Active Terrorist Recognition And Interdiction Operations & Tactics Union County, NJ
19 Driving Simulator Course for Police Officers Passaic County, NJ
19-20 FBI’s Advanced Interview & Interrogation Union County, NJ
19-20 FBI-Advanced Interview & Interrogation Passaic County, NJ
19-25 Methods Of Instruction Morris County, NJ
20 Financial Crimes Monmouth County, NJ
20 Mandatory Agency Training Series (M.A.T.S.) Somerset County, NJ
21 Handcuffing Techniques Union County, NJ
21 Surviving an Armed Encounter Union County, NJ
24 Gang Awareness Union County, NJ
24 Drug Recognition / Under The Influence Course Morris County, NJ
24-25 Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Bergen County, NJ
24-25 The Changing Complexion of Our Country And Its Implications for Law Enforcement Union County, NJ
24-25 Defensive Tactics Workshop: Reactionary Combative Tactics for LE Officers Union County, NJ
24-25 Interviews and Interrogations Union County, NJ
24-27 Interview and Interrogation Gloucester County, NJ
24-28 Crisis Intervention Team Training Passaic County, NJ
24-4/9 Basic Course for Arson Investigators 14-1    DCJ Course DCJ Academy, Sea Girt
25 Vehicle Theft & Staged Accidents Union County, NJ
25 Investment Fraud Passaic County, NJ
25-26 Interview & Interrogation Camden County, NJ
25-1 Method of Instruction Bergen County, NJ
26 Unidentified & Missing Persons, N.C.I.C. and NamUs Databases Union County, NJ
26 Active Shooter Response Cape May County, NJ
26-27 Essentials of Effective Supervision Union County, NJ
26-27 First Responder Recertification Union County, NJ
27 Motor Vehicle Laws: Title 39 Update Union County, NJ
27 Dusting and Lifting Somerset County, NJ
27-28 Semi-Annual Firearms Qualifications For Retired Morris County Police Officers Morris County, NJ
27-28 Semi-Annual Firearms Qualifications Morris County, NJ
28 Mandatory Agency Training Series (MATS) Part 1 Monmouth County, NJ
28 Domestic Violence PREP : Insights on Batterer Behavior Union County, NJ
28 Monadnock Expandable Straight Baton Advanced Course Morris County, NJ
31 FBI – A Tactical Approach to Media Interaction Passaic County, NJ
31 Document Fraud for Law Enforcement Union County, NJ
31-4/2 Radar Instructor Certification Union County, NJ
31-4/2 Radar Instructor Camden County, NJ
31-4/11 Crash Investigation I - NJSP Camden County, NJ
31-4/11 Crash Investigation I Morris County, NJ
31-4/4 Fingerprinting: Latent Print Identification Union County, NJ
31-4/4 Basic SWAT Camden County, NJ
31-4/11 Crash Investigation I Gloucester County, NJ


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