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New Jersey Police Training

 February, 2014



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3-4 Edged Weapons Awareness Camden County, NJ
3-4 Basic Rifle Operator Camden County, NJ
3-3/5 Basic Course for County Corrections Officers - 28th Class Monmouth County, NJ
3 Special Officer Class I Course Gloucester County, NJ
3-7 Fingerprint Advanced Bergen County, NJ
4 Domestic Violence In-Service Training / Bloodborne, Hazmat and Right-to-Know Morris County, NJ
4 Use Of Force & Vehicular Pursuit Training Morris County, NJ
5 Management's Rights Morris County, NJ
5 Excel I Passaic County, NJ
5-7 Side Handle Baton Instructor Course Morris County, NJ
5-14 Methods of Instruction (MOI) Monmouth County, NJ
5-11 Method of Instruction Camden County, NJ
6 Effective Interactions With Mentally Ill Persons Camden County, NJ
6 Work Zone Safety Passaic County, NJ
6 Performance Improvements Program (PIP) Morris County, NJ
8 EMS Safety in the Streets Morris County, NJ
9 Mandatory Agency Training Series (M.A.T.S.) Somerset County, NJ
10 Domestic Violence PREP: Understanding the Victim of Domestic Violence Union County, NJ
10 Heavy Truck Enforcement Gloucester County, NJ
10 Refresher Courses For Bloodborne Pathogens, Haz Mat Awareness, Right-To-Know And NIMS Morris County, NJ
10-12 High Impact Supervision - Penn State Camden County, NJ
11 Driver Simulator Training Morris County, NJ
13 Responding to Sexual Assault and Working With “SANE” Camden County, NJ
13 Bias Incident Investigations Monmouth County, NJ
13-14 NJ Police Records Management Mercer County, NJ
13-14 Counterfeit & Fraudulent Documents Camden County, NJ
13-14 Semi-Annual Firearms Qualifications Morris County, NJ
13-14 Semi-Annual Firearms Qualifications For Retired Morris County Police Officers Morris County, NJ
13-6/28 Emergency Medical Technician Initial Certification Morris County, NJ
14 Cell Block Management / Suicide Awareness Camden County, NJ
14 S.A.N.E./S.A.R.T. Training Morris County, NJ
18-19 Conducted Energy Device Operator Camden County, NJ
19 Law Enforcement Handling Of Black Bear Complaints Morris County, NJ
19 Radar Instructor Refresher 14-3    DCJ Course Ocean County, NJ
19-20 Street Survival Seminar Calibre Press/LifeLine Atlantic County, NJ
19-21 Cults, Street Gangs, and Gangs in Drugs Gloucester County, NJ
20 Mandatory Agency Training Series (M.A.T.S.) Somerset County, NJ
20 HazMat Refresher - Level I for First Responders Camden County, NJ
21 Basic Fingerprinting Camden County, NJ
24-26 Sex Crimes Investigations Gloucester County, NJ
24-26 Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement Atlantic County, NJ
24-27 LSI Basic Course and Advanced Workshop on Scan Morris County, NJ
24-28 Fingerprint Pattern Recognition and Classification Union County, NJ
24-28 Firearms Instructor Camden County, NJ
25 Intro to Israeli Krav Maga for Law Enforcement Somerset County, NJ
25 Domestic Violence PREP: Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Union County, NJ
26 3-Part Cyber-Safety Training for Law Enforcement Officers and Educators Union County, NJ
27 Verbal and Non Verbal Communication Skills Camden County, NJ
27-28 Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement for Instructors Atlantic County, NJ
28 Courtroom Testimony Camden County, NJ


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