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Some of these Police Videos are graphic.   For Mature Audiences Only.

Mobile Videos



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Officers Talk Down Armed Man    (News Clip  04/16/07)

Kentucky Officer Cheats Death    (Raw Dash Cam Video  02/19/07

Officer Shoots Driver on MV Stop  ((Dash Cam Raw Video  02/14/07)

Disorderly Subject in Street Gets Tazed  ((Dash Cam Raw Video  01/13/07)

Rolling Pursuit and Shootout    (Raw Footage Documentary Style)  09/05/06

Standoff Followed by K-9 and Apprehension   (News Clip via CNN)  08/22/06

Motorcyclist Crashes During Pursuit    (Raw Video from Helicopter)  06/06/06

Police Pelted with Shoes    (Raw Video from Helicopter)  05/21/06

Waco Officers Use Taser Against Suspect    (Raw Video)  05/08/06

Ohio Officers in Pursuit, Gun Battle    (News Report)  03/28/06

Officer Repels Vicious Dog Attack with Taser    (News Report)  03/09/06

Ohio Officers Pursue RV Which Ends up in Bay     (News Report)  1/30/06

Rowlett, Texas Officers in Gun Fight     (News Report)  1/27/06

Clerk Beats Robber      (Raw Video)  1/16/06

7-Year-Old Eludes Tennessee Officers   (News Report)  1/16/06

Texas Officer Under Fire    (Raw Video)  10/10/05

Minnesota Police Video of Pursuit and Crash    (News Video)  09/21/05

Pursuit and Crash in Michigan    (News Video)  09/21/05

North Carolina Pursuit and Capture     (News Video)  07/24/05

Minneapolis Officer Struck by Pickup  (News Video)  05/20/05

Long Beach, California.  Pursuit, Crash, Pursuit

Compton California.  Pursuit

Pursuit, Standoff, Officers Shoot

Police Dash Cam Catches Crash  (News Video)  04/04/05

After Pursuit, Kidnapper Pretends to be the Victim    (News Video)  04/04/05

Deadly Pursuit in Texas.  Driver Comes out Shooting but is Shot by Officers.    (News Video)  02/27/05

College Professor who had Cop Killer Speak on Campus is Confronted by School Newspaper and Grabs Camera!     02/23 /05

Hour Long Pursuit in Houston    (News Video)  02/08/05

Suspect Steals Police Cruiser, Flees, Flips    (News Video)  01/19/05

Texas Officers Come Under Fire  Very Dramatic  (News Report & Footage from Mobile Video Camera) 11/09/04

Fiery Crash at Gas Station.  Family Escapes  (News Report)  10/30/04

Georgia Pursuit Results in Bad Crash    (News Report & Mobile Video Camera)  09/03/04

Tennessee Officers Rescue Mortally Wounded Deputy who'd been Shot  (Raw Video)  05/15/04

Hero Wisconsin Trooper Stops Woman from Jumping from Bridge After Pursuit   

Officers on Stop When Passing Vehicle Smashes into Squad Cars  (Raw Video)  05/15/04

48K Modem    150K Broadband    340K Broadband

Trooper on Stop Almost Struck by Passing Vehicle    (Raw Video)  05/15/04

48K Modem    150K Broadband    340K Broadband

At Accident Scene, 2nd Accident Occurs and is a police video
Recorded by Dashboard Camera  (Raw Video)  05/15/04

48K Modem    150K Broadband    340K Broadband

Officers Making Arrest.  Their Vehicle Struck from Behind  (Raw Video)  05/15/04

48K Modem    150K Broadband    340K Broadband

Ohio Trooper on Stop.  Passing Vehicles Crash  (Raw Video)  05/15/04

48K Modem    150K Broadband    340K Broadband

Man Shoots Himself During MV Stop in Cincinnati.  Police Then Come Under Fire  (News Report)   05/14/04 

15-Year-Old Girl Eludes Officers and Crashes into Lake    (News Report)   05/14/04 

Ohio Bar Fight Spills into Street    (News Report)   05/10/04    

Michigan Trooper Struck by Skidding Vehicle  (News Report)  03/22/04

Cincinnati Police Chase Stolen Hummer

Police Cleared in Pursuit and Shooting

Montana Mobile Video of Police Chase and Shootout      (News Report & Footage from Mobile Video Camera) 12/09/04


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 This page contains free mostly Mobile Video Camera Recordings. Included are Police Chase Videos, Bar Fight Videos, Mobile Police Videos, Police Pursuit Videos, High Speed Pursuit Videos,and more.  Most are from Mobile Video Cameras affixed in patrol cars.






Police Videos


       This page contains police chase videos, police videos, videos of shootings and many others from Mobile Video Cameras, home video cameras and dashboard mounted cameras or dashboard cams, sometimes referred to dash cams or dashcams or even patrol car cameras, from police departments and sheriffs departments from all over the country. 

 Also, some of these may be from the World's wildest police videos, the television show from Fox.  There was another one called the world's wildest police chases two.  Anyway,  all free police videos.  So, basically, we have all kinds of law enforcement videos and Cop videos.  The world's wildest pursuits has many incidents from patrol car cameras or dashboard mounted cameras and, here, they are all free police videos.  Motor vehicle stops can be dangerous.  MV stops are where most of our video footage comes from with the dashboard mounted camera. 

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