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Resources Related to Telephone


Reverse Telephone Directory   

Enter a telephone number and obtain the name and address of the owner if listed.


Phone Spell .org  

Enter a telephone number and all words and phrases that the number spells will be displayed.


Toll Free Number Search  

A search engine for locating toll free numbers.


Area Code Finder

Enter an area code and see from which part of the country or world it originates.  Very helpful when piecing together an investigation involving a telephone number.

Resources Related to Location


US Postal Service Address / Zip Code Lookup  

Look up addresses and zip codes.


Garden State Parkway Exit List

Provides a list of all the signs for all GSP exits.


New Jersey Turnpike Exit List

Provides a list of all the signs for all NJTP exits.


Atlantic City Expressway Exit List

Provides a list of all the signs for ACE exits.


Municipalities & Agencies Biographical Info

A great resource containing population, size, crime rate, and police department data for every agency in New Jersey broken down by county.


Nationwide Crime Stats

Brings up a map of the country and allows you to obtain crime states by municipality.  Thanks Joe.


Resources Related to People

Family Watch Dog

Enter an address and see a clickable map of sex offenders in the area with their photos.


Death Records Database

Up to date database of death records.  Also includes social security number, date of birth, date of death and last residence.


Guide to Social Security Numbers

This page explains how numbers are assigned as provides a list of numbers and corresponding states.


NJ Dept. of Corrections Inmate Locator         

Complete database of current and in some cases former inmates of NJDOC Facilities.  Great for Photo Arrays.  (Research and follow all of may laws if used for photo arrays).


US Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator   

Complete Database of US Bureau of Prisons inmates.  The database goes back to 1982 and searches may be conducted by various identification numbers and by name.


New Jersey Sex Offender Internet Registry

Search by name, location, and vehicle for sex offenders


People Search .net

Search by name for people on 16 search engines simultaneously!

Resources Related to Parcels


UPS Parcel Tracking

Web Page for tracking UPS Parcels.


Fed Ex Parcel Tracking

Web Page for tracking Fed Ex Parcels.


US Postal Service Parcel Tracking

Web Page for tracking USPS Parcels.



Resources Related to Drugs


Drug Identification

The DEA has an excellent page for drug identification containing many pictures of all types of different drugs.  


Pill Identifier

This site has a Pill Identifier that helps to identify unknown medications based on size, color, and markings.  Great Resource sent in by S.M. from Beverly City PD.  

Resources Related to Vehicles


Vehicle Background Information (

This site is excellent for investigations involving a vehicle's history.  By entering a car's VIN number, you can get information on title, odometer, problems, and registration. 


Accident Investigation Calculator

We found this site some time ago.  It contains a calculator for accident reconstruction.  Admittedly, the guy posting this has zero knowledge in the immensely complicated area of accident reconstruction.  If any traffic safety officers have any feedback good or bad about this resource, give us an email. 

Resources Related to the Internet


Website Archiver

This site takes snapshots of websites and stores them.  If you need to see how a certain site appeared last month or last year, try this out.


Website Owner Information

Enter the name of a website into the appropriate field, and you can learn who owns a particular site.  Name, address, and telephone number can be obtained.  


Web Page Language Translation

This is another excellent tool.  By following the directions, you can enter the web address of a web page and have the text of the page translated to one of six languages.


Domain Name Availability

On this site in just seconds you can check the availability of all website domain names.

Resources Related to Newspapers


New Jersey Law Enforcement Media Center

Here, we assembled the contact information for all local and regional New Jersey media outlets including newspapers, radio, television and cable.  This page will be all you need when looking to issue a press release.  


Newspapers .com

A database containing links to just about every  local and national small and large newspaper and publication that can be found online.

Miscellaneous Resources


Language Translation Website 

Translate text to English or from English to several different languages.  Right now the site includes nine languages.  It is an excellent tool for law enforcement, but be careful as the translations are not always exact.


Airliner Locator

Locate any airliner, and view it's location, altitude, and speed in real time.


Currency Converter

Convert currency back and forth between just about every world currency in circulation.



The Robert Walker Gangs or Us website is an excellent law enforcement tool for learning about the different gangs in and about the US.


Better Business Bureau Check

Here, you can run the name of a business through the national database of the Better Business Bureau.

Another resource for checking complaints filed against businesses.

Investigative Resources









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