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Interview Questions OverviewCan you handle their Interview Questions?

In Strategies for Handling the Oral Interview we outlined some tips for handling the oral interview.  Here, we wanted to expand on the issue and provide some interview questions.

The interview is your best opportunity to pull ahead of others competing for the same job.  Your performance will be a direct result of how much you prepared.

Sample Interview questions will be your number one source of preparation for any job interview.  Practicing with common interview questions will achieve several things.

First, you will become more proficient at speaking to a group.  Your speech will become clearer, your style smoother, and your overall presentation more refined.


Second, practicing with interview questions will allow you to develop a well of information in your head from which to pull answers.  If you have already repeatedly answered practice questions about "your best trait," "your biggest regret," "what you have to offer," and "your proudest moment," you will save yourself from the uncomfortable silence of thinking up an answer in the actual interview.  You will have already faced the actual or a similar interview question, and will be able to answer it.

Finally, the act of preparation will instill a confidence in you which is intangible.  Of course you will be nervous, but when the interview questions begin, you will be surprised at how familiar they sound.  You will find yourself on familiar ground.  This is where your confidence will emerge, and the members holding the interview will be able to read this confidence.

Interview Question Categories

Interview questions can be broken down a number of ways into a number of categories.  Below are a few of the main categories for which you should be prepared. 

Practicing with Interview Questions

Using actual job interview questions in preparation is useless if you do not take the exercise seriously.  It is not something you do while you are distracted.  The only time you should even read the questions is when you are in a position to verbally provider the answers.

The best way to practice is when you can devote 100% of your attention to the exercise.  We recommend that you practice with interview questions in front of a mirror.  This will allow you to also see your body language as you answer the questions.

Also, when using sample interview questions, close your eyes beforehand and imagine a panel of uniformed officers in front of you.  While this is not the real thing, if you do it right you can add an element of nervousness which makes the exercise more realistic.

Again, do not practice with interview questions unless you are fully prepared to fully answer the questions.  We cannot emphasize this enough.  The benefit of using


Interview Questions Answers

Some have come here looking for answers to interview questions. 

We do not have the answers, you do!

Preparing answers to interview questions is just about impossible.  Each applicant is different and has different attitudes, skills, opinions, and experiences.  One question could literally have a hundred different answers.  If you try to remember canned responses, your answers will appear robotic, and your overall performance will be affected.

You have the answers to the interview questions.  They are in your head.  Practicing with sample interview questions will bring them out.  Memorizing pre-prepared answers will not.


Sample Interview Questions

Okay, are you ready? 

Our collection includes some very tough interview questions along with basic, common interview questions.  It is better to face difficult questions here than in front of a panel of interviewers. 

We broke down all of the interview questions into seven categories.  Including the tag questions, there are more than 150 questions provided which should prove to be an excellent source of preparation.



The job interview questions provided, while applicable to most jobs, are designed for law enforcement applicants.  Generally, law enforcement has greater latitude in what they may ask.  In any event, states vary in what is allowed to be asked, so not all of the job interview questions provided may be asked in all states.  For agencies interested in using these questions, please consult your legal authority before using any of the job interview questions provided.

Interview Questions

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