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Police and Law Enforcement Home  >  Interview Questions  >  General Interview Questions






Interview Questions - Introduction

Good morning.  You have the floor.

Good afternoon.  Tell us about yourself.


Interview Questions - General

Tell us what you know about our organization.

With the many agencies our there, why do you want to work for us?

How would you describe your work ethic?

What kind of preparation did you do for this interview?

Do you think that you are a leader?  If yes, give us an example.

How you ever spoken to a large group of people?  How large?  Tell us about it.



What honors have you earned in your life?

Why do you want to be a police officer/sheriffs officer/corrections officer/Special Agent/State Trooper/Parole Officer/Probation Officer/, etc.

What have you done to prepare for this position?

What skills do you have that would benefit our agency?

What are your greatest strengths for this job?  Limitations?

What traits are needed by good law enforcement officers?

What appeals most to you about entering law enforcement?

In what ways would our agency benefit from hiring you?

What do you offer that your competition for this position cannot?

If hired, where do you see yourself in five years?  Ten years?

How would you rate your communication skills and what have you done to improve them?

Which is more important to you, money or satisfaction?

Define success.

Everyone has prejudices.  What are some of yours?

Everyone has certain likes and dislikes.  What kind of people do you like?  Dislike? 

How are you in dealing with stressful situations?  Give an example.

If hired, describe what kind of officer you would be.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  What are some of yours?

What would you most like to accomplish if you had this job?

Give us three examples of what would make you leave this job?

What do you consider to be your greatest achievements to date? Explain.

What kind of problems have people recently called on you to solve? Tell us what you have devised.

What was your most difficult decision in the last six months? What made it difficult?

Describe your most significant success & failure in the last two years.

How would you describe your ability to deal with conflict?  Explain.

What is the largest difficulty you ever had with a supervisor?  How did you resolve the conflict?

Describe the best job you've ever had.

Describe the best supervisor you've ever had.

Which is more important: creativity or efficiency? Why?

Are you good at delegating tasks?  Explain.

What books have you read in the past year?

To what magazines do you subscribe?

What are you top three television shows?

To which newspapers do you subscribe?

Growing up, who were some of your role models?

Who are some of your influences today?

What approach do you take in getting your people to accept your ideas or department goals?

Do you feel you work more effectively on a one to one basis or in a group situation?

What kind of writing have you done? For a group? For an individual?

Have you ever had something you wrote published whether it be an editorial, article, or other writing?

How do I rate as an interviewer?  What about the rest of the panel?




General Interview Questions

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