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Your flashlight will save your life ten times more than any weapon on your utility belt. 

Today, flashlights come in all shapes and sizes for all officers. 

Whether you're stopping cars on Route 80 at three o'clock in the morning or taking down the door of a drug house, you need to have the right flashlight. 

More importantly, you need the highest quality flashlight to keep you safe. 


Things to Look for in a Flashlight



You're going to spend in the area of a hundred bucks.  For that, you will get a top quality flashlight which will last you for your career.  Don't be cheap when it comes to a tool that may save your life.

Featured Flashlight

Offered byFlashlights Streamlight, The new Stylus Reach flashlight has a flexible cable extension, allowing you to get deep into the tightest spots. With a waterproof, aircraft aluminum casing and a tough PVC shielded cable, the Stylus Reach flashlight  is built to illuminate those unforgiving, hard-to-reach areas.


An absolute must!  Yes, you pay extra, but you will make it up in the money you save by not having to buy batteries.  Put it in a charger each day, and you will have a full charge for each shift.

Kill Switch

This is the switch that allows you to depress the button slightly to turn the flashlight on, and it will go off instantly when released.  This is an absolute tactical requirement. 


Street guys normally go for the full-sized models, but if you are a detective you might want a smaller one.  Also, a smaller model flashlight is recommended if it is going to be permanently attached to your utility belt.


The aluminum flashlights slide into rear pockets, belt holders and charging stations easier.  Rubber is more durable if dropped, offers a better grip and doesn't get as cold to hold on frigid days. 


Tactics for Flashlights

  • Keep a flashlight on your belt, but also take the one from the car.  You should always have a backup flashlight.

  • Always carry a flashlight into structures, even during daylight hours.  Interior rooms may be dark and it will take a while for your eyes to adjust.  Also, some rooms like basements might not have lighting.

  • Never look directly into the face of the flashlight.  It will diminish your night vision.

  • During encounter-type calls, don't turn the flashlight completely on.  Only use the kill-switch option.  This way, if you drop the flashlight, it can't give away your position.

  • Do night shine the light on other officers.

  • If moving in a group, only the first officer should have his flashlight on.  Otherwise, you give away your numbers.  Also, if officers in the rear are lighting up the officers in front (this is called silhouetting), a perfect target is created for an armed suspect.




MagLite Flashlights


SureFire Flashlights


Most Popular Brands

Streamlight Flashlights

MagLite Flashlights

SureFire Flashlights




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