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Guide to Obtaining Law Enforcement Grants

As the competition for obtaining law enforcement grants has increased during recent years, the available grant monies have decreased.  Grants for police departments have been slowly become homeland security grants.

This page is designed to be a resource for the law enforcement grant researcher and grant writer.  We have assembled information on different methods for obtaining police and law enforcement grants as well as different sources of grant money.

Finding Grant Money

The number one rule for grant writing is to be aggressive. 

Think outside the box, do what others are not doing, and don't let anyone tell you that obtaining some grant is impossible.

There are two tracks you should be using.  First, you should be subscribing to reputable grant newsletters and other sources of information on grant money.  Using a reputable commercial grant service is also beneficial.  Don't be cheap.  There are tens of thousands of dollars available in grant money.  If you are with a good company, the service fee will be far outweighed by the grant monies you receive.


The second track is doing your own homework.  Get on Google and search using every grant keyword you can imagine.  Don't just focus on government grants either.  Many private companies offer grants.  For instance, many grant writers have had success with Walmart grants.  Yes, Walmart has a division that does much work with the community including offering LEO grants.

Grants come in all shapes and sizes:

General Law Enforcement grants
Federal grants
Police grants
Police K9 grants and grants for Police Dogs
Police Equipment grants
General grants for Police Departments
Police Computer grants
Police grants for Schools
Police Vehicle grants
Park Police grants
Federal Law Enforcement grants
Law Enforcement Equipment grants
Law Enforcement Camera grants
Project Safe Neighborhoods grant and Police Safe Neighborhood grant
Grants for School Resource Officers
Technology grants
Foundation grants
Educational grants
Community Block Grants
Law Enforcement Block Grants


Grant Writing

The first one is the hardest.

Most grants require detailed information which will require some serious running around.  You may  need to research everything from UCR reports to agency arrest statistics to budget items.

However, as you continue writing grants and saving your research, you will find that the information is in your desk rather than in eight different places.  The key is to save every piece of information you gather so it is always available.

You will also need to save your previous grant applications.  They will serve as sample grant proposals for the future.

Grant writing is all about conveying the message.  You need to learn how to use statistics and information to your benefit.  By no means are we suggesting that you lie.  However, if a certain statistic can be presented two different ways and one of the ways benefits you while the other doesn't, you would, of course, want to use the one that benefits you. 

Learning how to find information and how to present the information are two invaluable skills to the successful grant writer. Grant writing is an art, and those who are successful at it have a huge feature after retirement.  Only experience will teach you how to write a grant.


Grant Money

When you receive grant money, don't even thing about spending it until you have thoroughly read all the documentation that comes with it.  Follow their rules to the letter.  The grant may require a separate bank account as opposed to depositing the grant money into the town's general fund.


Spending Grant Money

Document everything, and don't go one inch over the line.   When it comes to grant money, be more stringent in how you spend it than what is required by the grant.  The quickest way out of the grant game is to get caught spending narcotics grant money on a shiny, new DWI patrol car. 


Grant Reports

Grant money usually comes with a catch.

Often, you will need to submit a report back to the source of the grant detailing how you allocated the grant money.

This report is as important as the initial grant proposal.  Next year you will be asking again for more grant money.  The first thing they will do will be to review how you previously spent grant money.


Final Thoughts on Grants

In closing, there is nothing better than free grant money.  Below is an ongoing list of available law enforcement grants and police grants.  We will add to this list regularly.  Please email us should you come across a law enforcement grant that would fit will on this page. 


Available Grants, March, 2005
This list will be updated as new grants are found


Local Law Enforcement Block grant (LLEBG)

Overview: The Local Law Enforcement Block grants (LLEBG) Program provides funds to units of local government to underwrite projects that reduce crime and improve public safety. The LLEBG Program emphasizes local decision-making and encourages communities to craft their own responses to local crime and drug problems. LLEBG Program funds must be spent in accordance with seven purpose areas.

Contact Information:
Programs Office
Bureau of Justice Assistance
810 Seventh Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20531
Fax: 202/305-2543


Edward Byrne Memorial State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance (Byrne Formula Grant Program)

Overview:  The Edward Byrne Memorial State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance Grant Program (Byrne Formula Grant Program) is a partnership among federal, state, and local governments to create safer communities. BJA is authorized to award grants to states for use by states and units of local government to improve the functioning of the criminal justice systemówith emphasis on violent crime and serious offendersóand enforce state and local laws that establish offenses similar to those in the federal Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 802(6) et seq.).

Grants may be used to provide personnel, equipment, training, technical assistance, and information systems for more widespread apprehension, prosecution, adjudication, detention, and rehabilitation of offenders who violate such state and local laws. Grants also may be used to provide assistance (other than compensation) to victims of these offenders. Twenty-nine legislatively authorized purpose areas were established to define the nature and scope of programs and projects that may be funded under the Byrne Formula Grant Program.

Contact Information:
Bureau of Justice Assistance
Programs Office
810 Seventh Street NW.
Washington, DC 20531
Fax: 202-305-2543


Cintas AED Automated External Defibrillator Grants

Police departments across the country are eligible to apply directly for the Cintas ReviveR Provider Police Grant. Four times every year, a department will be selected to receive four (4) AEDs along with associated AED training at no cost to the department.


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More information on the following:

  • Private grants for Law Enforcement

  • State and Federal law enforcement grants

  • Government grants for Law Enforcement

  • School Resource Officer grant

  • Grant money in general

  • Free grant money

  • Community block grants

  • Block grants

  • Cash Grants


Police Grants and Law Enforcement Grants

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