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Police and Law Enforcement Home  >  Editorials    >    Cop or Not, Get Rid of Him


Police and
Law Enforcement News

Cop or Not,
Get Rid of Him
Police and Law Enforcement News
Wednesday, October 3
, 2007 11:50 a.m.

On Friday, September 28th a janitor made a troubling discovery.  He found a noose hanging from a pipe in a locker room. 

What made the case even more disturbing was the fact that the locker room was in the police station of the Hempstead Police Department in Long Island.

The “statement” was apparently aimed at Hempstead Deputy Chief Willie Dixon who was promoted to his current position last May.  Posted near the noose were old news stories of an incident where Dixon faced charges earlier in his career.

Dixon later told the press, “It’s the ultimate symbol of disgust if you know American history, especially if you’re black.  It’s a great insult.”

Because of where the noose was hung, there is speculation that it was strung up by an officer in response to manpower changes that Deputy Chief Dixon recently made.

The incident is now under investigation.

Every police department has their share of locker room pranks and antics, however, there is a such thing as going too far.  Hanging a noose to terrorize a black man screams beyond “going too far.”  It is evil, it is hateful, and it is criminal. 

The person responsible for this act is not one of us:  he is a coward who somehow lost or never knew the nobility of our profession. 

To think that something as cruel and menacing as this could be done by a police officer is truly sickening.  If this turns out to be the case, we hope that the officer is dealt with accordingly beginning with his badge being ripped from his chest.

We don’t often write editorials like this, as there is no need.  A hundred pieces ranging from pointing out our flaws to vicious attacks are published every day.

However, the public should see us stand and loudly denounce this appalling act no matter who is responsible.  After all, fighting against acts just like this is what we are about.
Police and Law Enforcement News
Wednesday, October 3
, 2007 11:50 a.m.



Very well written whoever is responsible should be gone what a coward !!!!!

I'm a young African American male aspiring to become a police officer and I have to say as ignorant and ridiculous as this act is, it doesn't surprise me at all. Stuff like this happens everyday and even though it may not happen to the extent that this jackass chose to take things it still happens. Why does it always have to be when someone is taking things "to far" for someone to finally stand up and do something about it? The BS has got to stop some time and I think this guy needs to be made an example out of. The union should be only for those who legitimately have a right to representation! This jackass does not and I would be ashamed to work in that department with him if I were his fellow officers. Sad thing is there are probably a few more officers that feel the same way he does. No matter how you feel about someone you take an oath when you become an officer and this guy definitely didn't listen when it was his turn to raise that hand before god and swear to protect, serve and be there for his fellow officers no matter what the circumstances. I thought that was what being a police officer was all about. Isn't it....?

If the promoted officer was not qualified or not eligible then there are better ways to make the point. Expose the facts/evidence to an outside and independent source and let them conduct an investigation. This act is not tolerable but then neither are "career climbers" who are promoted for reasons other than being the best man or woman. The first responders will always the backbone of law enforcement.

We must never forget we are not black, white, red, nor yellow...We are Blue.

As a minority and police officer I take offense that some asshole doesn't have the balls to step up to their superiors and advise them of any problems at work.  At work if I have any problem with someone in my squad or in my upper chain of command I voice the problem rather than act like a child.. Man up .

Excellent editorial and although I also find this act despicable, the sad and simple fact of the matter is that if the culprit is a union member, he more than likely will retain his employment...even though he is no better than any other suspect that he has slapped cuffs on in his career.

Memo to the "prankster": If you have a problem with someone, man up and confront them and hash it out. If that is not a possibility, then suck it up and drive on and move on with your life. Also, your Deputy Chief is going to find this whole thing just "hilarious" as he will be laughing all the way to the bank when he gets done suing your department and you for civil rights violations and ethnic intimidation.

Hope you are proud of yourself for blighting the face of law enforcement with yet another black eye and bringing shame on your department and community.

Sgt. J. Kurtz
Independence Police, Ohio

I am happy to see that some people still stand for truth, justice, and equality for all. I have never been prouder of posting on

Take care of your dirty laundry in house!  No good comes from the media circus!  Grow up!

As an officer especially being a black officer I found it to be very insulting to our profession that these types of things are happening.  I pray for every minority that this officer( if determined to be an officer) encounters.  How many times while making an arrest has this officer going beyond the normal scope of this duties just because of the skin or ethnic background of the person he or she is arresting.  God bless you in weeding out this scum.

The nobility and integrity of this profession must be maintained at all costs. Loyalty above all else, except honor, guess this person forgot that




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