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Bloomfield PBA Needs Support for Suspended Captain at Council Meeting  -  February, 2014

Legislature Right to Sanction Assemblyman, Defend Trooper  -  December, 2013

Anti-Law Enforcement Bias Alive and Well in New Jersey    -    December, 2013

South Brunswick PD Right to Charge False Accusers  -  April, 2013

Threatening not to Enforce Laws Sends Wrong Message  -  April, 2013

TCNJ Police, Officials Setting the Standard for Active Shooter Training  -  March, 2013

Princeton University, Arm Your Cops!  -  February, 2013

Rip the Badge from her Chest!  -  February, 2013

Giving Killer of Police Dog Rehab a Disgrace  -  January, 2013

NJ State Police Under Siege, Again  -  January, 2013

Moving Internal Affairs Function to Attorney General's Office a Bad Idea  -  January, 2013

Activists in Journalist Clothing  -  December, 2012

Heroic Officers, Refreshing Bosses, and a Slanted Press  -  May, 2012

Internal Affairs Cases Dragged Out Unnecessarily  -  April, 2012

Follow Middle Township's Lead  -  March, 2012

Governor Wrong to Have Flag Lowered to Half Staff for Celebrities  -  February, 2012

The Poetic President & The Silent Governor  -  May, 2011

Testing the Thin Blue Line    -    September, 2010

Atlantic City Mayor to Cops: You're Nothing Special    -    August, 2010

From Chief to Public Safety Director - The Quest for 30 Pieces of Silver    -    August, 2010

Intellectual Laziness Brought to you By the US Department of Justice  -  February, 2010

A Sidelined Dog, an Injured Cop, and a Remorseless Mayor  -  September, 2009

How Far Can a Mayor Go?  -  August, 2009

Yes, DWI is a Real Arrest  -  August, 2009

The Least We Can Do    -    July, 2009

What About Chesimard!    -     May, 2009

Good Policy, Refreshing Stance    -    January, 2009

Class Warfare on the Beat    -    November, 2008

Stop Surcharging Tickets    -    August, 2008

Get Laid Off Officers Back to Work    -    May, 2008

Guns and Cops and Columnists    -    February, 2008

Put Deserving Retired Officers on The Wall  -  January, 2008

Slain Officer's Wife Needs Help  -  November, 2007

A New Low, Bogota Mayor Uses the Race Card  -  October, 2007

Cop or Not, Get Rid of Him    -    October, 2007

The Aftermath of Virginia Tech    -    April, 2007

Green Without Blue and Long Memories    -    March, 2007

Poor Choice for St. Pat's Parade Honoree    -    February, 2007

Perth Amboy PBA Attacked Again in Tribune    -    February, 2007

Not So Fast Home News and Tribune    -    January, 2007

NY Mayor Sells Out His Cops    -    December, 2006

Mikey O Succumbs to Cancer    -    August, 2006

Bridgeton Police Fighting Attack on Disability Pay    -    July, 2006

Massive Blow to New Jersey Law Enforcement  -  January, 2006

Double Cop Killer Honored as Inmate of the Month  -  October, 2005

WHO ABANDONED WHO?  -  June, 2005

Cold, Wet, and Hungry  -  January, 2005

When Police Protest  -  November, 2004

Frivolous Lawsuits  -  October, 2004

Corrections Officers and the Right to Carry  -  September, 2004

Mandatory Body Armor  -  August, 2004

Professional Courtesy  -  June, 2004

Is it the Press or is it Us?  -  March, 2004

The Yard -  May, 2004

The Short Straw (The Story Of Patrolman Wayne Finnegan)  -  August, 2003

Suicide in Law Enforcement  -  December, 2002

Department of Corrections  -  March, 2002



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