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Police and Law Enforcement Home  >  Editorials    >    Green Without Blue and Long Memories


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Green Without Blue
and Long Memories

Saturday, March 17, 2007 1:00 p.m.

The echo from the shots which rang out some twenty-six years ago near the intersection of Locust Street and 12th Street in Philadelphia can still be heard today. 

In fact, on Sunday, March 18th they will be especially loud.

Exactly 85.9 miles from the spot where Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner fell, masses will be gathering and preparing to march in the Newark St. Patrick's Day Parade. 

However, for the first time in many years a deeply entrenched tradition will be broken: there will be no police officers among the participants.

To serve as this year's parade honoree, organizers chose Congressman Donald Payne.  This choice drew the ire of New Jersey law enforcement (read out editorial) and Philadelphia law enforcement as well.

Last December, Congressman Payne voted against a Resolution condemning a city in France for naming a street after Mumia Abu Jamal, the street animal who murdered Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner.

In response, the New Jersey State FOP formally objected and requested parade organizers to reconsider their choice.  (Read FOP President Edward R. Brannigan's letter)

Organizers stuck by their decision.

Then, in an incredible statement of solidarity and unfading memory, Newark officers announced they will not be marching.

None of these officers even knew Daniel Faulkner, and many weren't even yet born when he was killed.

We find it absolutely awe inspiring that such allegiance still flows through our ranks. 

It gets better.

The relationship between police officers and firefighters can best be compared to that between two brothers.  They sometimes fight, but they're always there for each other when needed.

Well, the firefighters have once again proven themselves to be loyal and caring brothers.  It was announced yesterday that they too would be boycotting the parade. 

Cheers to you, New Jersey's bravest.  True class.

Whether anyone else skips this year's parade remains to be seen, but, honestly, who cares. 

It's already been shown that a 25-year-old policeman who was brutally murdered a quarter century ago has not been forgotten by his fellow knights.

What a statement.


Since this episode began, Congressman Payne has clarified the reasoning for his vote and distanced himself from the pro-Mumia crowd which we're glad to see.  From the Friday Star Ledger:

"First, the measure injected Congress into a matter still pending in the justice system," Payne wrote in a letter published Friday in The Star-Ledger of Newark. "We would also be setting a poor precedent by involving Congress in the affairs of a French town and urging the French government to take action against a town for the naming of a street."

Yes, the matter is still pending further appeal, but it's been twenty-six years since Officer Faulkner's murder.  When will it be enough time?  As far as France, her government and citizenry have never had a problem criticizing America and Americans. 

With this said, emotions need to be kept in check.  Congressman Payne is not Abu-Jamal, and he had nothing to do with Officer Daniel Faulkner's murder.

368 other members of congress saw the Resolution as an opportunity to unite behind a fallen police officer, and we're disappointed that 31 members didn't see it that way no matter what the reasoning.

It's been twenty-six years since his murder, and people are still learning the name Daniel Faulkner every day. 

This day is no different.

Justice for Daniel Faulkner.


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Saturday, March 17, 2007 1:00 p.m.



Sad and disturbing. Are all politicians such cowards? Thank God that the answer is "no". Payne, we will vote against you in large numbers, you have crossed the line and as a consequence will lose your political seat and power. You and the others who voted against our brother will reflect upon your decision as a grievous career error.

A Cop who votes.

My hat is off to those brothers and sisters of the Newark P.D. and Fire Dept. for standing firm in their support of Slain Philadelphia Police Officer Dan Faulkner. As a former Philadelphia officer, I remember Danny and that fateful day that his life was cut so short, without a doubt by a racist/anarchist, malcontent by the name of Wesley Cook...aka. Mumia-Abu Jamal. As long as there are those whom through propaganda and lies, attempt to paint this murderer a hero, there will be those lovers of justice who will expose those lies.

-Dan McNeill
-North cape May, NJ
-Senior Corrections Officer-SSCF

Bravo to the Newark PD and FD. New York PD and FD could learn a great lesson from you. Like it has been said I'm sure, stick together because in the end all you have is each other

Michael Zarrilli
Retired Detective NYPD

Let us start with what we know. 12/9/81 P.O. Daniel Faulkner is murdered in Philly by Wesley Clark, aka ABU J something or other. Payne supports him.  Giblin supports Payne. Any questions???  No Police pipe bands very simple.

-Sgt. Jack McGarry Retired EOPD

Way to keep the faith Newark PD and FD and honor our fallen brother. God Bless you all.

-Patrick S.
-Police Officer, Surburban Detroit, MI

Stick Together.... We are all we have .......
God bless NJ's Finest and bravest

I do not understand why the majority of the letters protesting this outrage of naming a street after a "Cop Killer" are signed anonymous.

Lt. Robert J. Jacobsen (Retired)
Cook County Illinois, Sheriff's Police Department

The honoree of the parade has always been a person of Irish ancestry, who was active with the parade and was never honored as the grand marshal. The honoree has always been deceased. Payne is neither! Tommy & the committee should be ashamed!

God Bless the Blue in Newark. As a once member of the Correction officers in Jersey and now of NC. I'm proud of the officers in Newark for standing by their brothers in Philly. I only wish the rest of the depts in the US had the same sense of honor.

Stay safe!

-Bob Link & Family

I hope all of our brothers in  blue police & fire remember how we all feel about those who don't support us, and don't ever forget those killed protecting everyone.  

-Pete Cipollini
-Retired Detective Essex County

Congressman Payne has never been noted for being 'Pro-Police', so I wasn't really shocked to learn of his non-support of the Bill condemning the naming of the street in France.  I feel proud that the Newark Police Officers and Firemen are taking a stance on this issue - naming Congressman Payne as the 'Honoree' in this years Parade is controversial to begin with....the 'Honoree' has ALWAYS been a deceased Irish-American who gave his or her all to the community.

This is yet another example of 'Politics gone wrong' in Essex County....however, politics aside, our memories today should be of a 'True Fallen Hero', Daniel Faulkner.  We should keep him in our prayers and hearts.

-John V. Colasanti
-Retired Detective Sergeant, Newark P.D.

I would say that this has some effect on Congressman Payne's office. When I tried to send a fax about just how I felt concerning his stand on this issue, I found that the fax machine has been turned off.

So much for listening to the people.

Great job Newark PD and FD. Maybe this will get the point across. You either support us or are against us. These politicians can't have it both ways. Now remember this come election time.

R.D. Scalzo
Retired - Secaucus PD

It's a shame that it has to be this way, but at least we're sticking together. 

-Blue Forever


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