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Police and Law Enforcement Home  >  Editorials  >  NY Mayor Sells Out His Cops


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NY Mayor Sells
Out His Cops!

Thursday, November 30, 2006  12:00 p.m.

From across the river, Mayor Michael Bloomberg seemed to be a pretty good guy.  A self-made gazillionaire, he chose to stay in his own digs instead of the mayoral mansion.  He even takes the subway to work like the rest of the masses.  Over in New Jersey, we’re not exactly thrilled that he hasn’t opened up the purse strings to finally pay our NYPD brothers what they deserve, but as far as the day-to-day runnings of the city, he appeared to be doing a good job.

That is until now.

True leadership comes out in times of crisis.  Anyone can man the helm of an on-course ship in clear weather.  Leading when bombs are landing all around you, though, is the real test. 

We saw true leadership during 9/11 from Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Mayor Bloomberg, you, sir, are no Rudolph Giuliani. 

This week, Mayor Bloomberg crumbled during the biggest crisis of his administration.  He left New York City police officers to swing in the wind and aligned himself with professional cop lyncher Al Sharpton.

Any sane human being of any color knows that Reverend Al Sharpton makes his living by exploiting racial tensions.  He primarily takes on situations where “the victim” shares his skin color and the villain does not.  Often, the villain is a New York City police officer.

Clever, witty, and almost charming, Sharpton has endeared himself to a wider audience in recent years from the presidential debates and other appearances, but do not be fooled.  He is an opportunist race baiter who loves going after cops.

This is where it all began.

In the early morning hours of Saturday, November 25th a confrontation took place between NYPD officers and three men coming from a bar.  There was mention of the men having a gun, and their vehicle apparently raced toward one of the undercover officers.

Five out of the seven officers fired a total of fifty shots.  Of the three men in the car, one died and the other two were hospitalized.  No weapon was found.

For better or worse, that is about all we officially know for sure up to this point. 

Enter professional race baiter Al Sharpton and his band of merry men.  They’ve launched their standard collective full court press of intimidation complete with rallies, press conferences and threats.

Now is usually when their lynch mob message is diluted by the sober calls for an investigation by New York’s elected leaders. 

Not this time.

Enter Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Enter this pandering, traitorous, disgrace of a coward.  It took all of a day for this jellyfish to cut his cops loose. 

Instead of declaring that we should wait until all the facts have been uncovered as any responsible elected official should, Bloomberg is already publicly attacking them. 

It is absolutely inconceivable that a responsible elected official would begin poisoning the public pool of grand jury and possible criminal jury members with statements including the following:

“It sounds to me like excessive force was used.”

-Mayor Michael Bloomberg
-New York Times

"I can tell you that it is to me unacceptable or inexplicable how you can have 50-odd shots fired, but that's up to the investigation to find out what really happened.” 

When challenged about the strong wording, Bloomberg replied, "It seemed to me the number of shots fired, as I said, was excessive.  I wasn't there, maybe it will turn out to be not excessive."

-Mayor Michael Bloomberg
-New York Daily News

“There is no evidence that they were doing anything wrong. [Referring to the three men in the car]  Clearly they were victims.”

-Mayor Michael Bloomberg
-New York Times

"I am a civilian. I am not a professional law enforcement officer.  I used the word excessive and that's fine. That was my personal opinion. It may turn out to be that it was not excessive."

-Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Mind you, Bloomberg is making these statements about an investigation that is only hours old. 

If you think these quotes are out of context, visit the sources and watch the Video from Bloomberg's press conference where he had Al Sharpton join him behind the New York City Mayor's Office podium.

Bottom line, Bloomberg, who has repeatedly wrapped himself up in the accomplishments of his police officers, sold out those very same officers to avoid joining them in the crosshairs.

He also sent a deafening message to every NYPD officer:  Do your job at your own risk.  City backing is purely optional depending on how it may affect me.

This story will go back and forth for days, maybe even weeks.  In fact, there is a story today suggesting that there may have been a gun in the car that was removed by a fourth occupant who fled before officers arrived.

We simply do not know. 

But we do know that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has shown us his true colors.  He does not support the cops.

His cowardice and complete, reckless disregard for these officers whose livelihood and possibly freedom may be in question should never be forgotten. 

The bare minimum every cop asks for when a situation goes bad is due process.  It was promised to us when we were hired and is guaranteed to us by our Constitution.

We find it grotesque that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has no problem tossing it away when it's politically beneficial to him.
Thursday, November 30, 2006  12:00 p.m.



Couldn't of said it any better myself! Shame on him for not backing up his Officers, regardless how many shots were fired. Our brothers felt those 3 men were a threat to themselves and to the public... last time I checked we are sworn to serve and PROTECT the people of our city.

Thanks Mayor, you did a banged up job protecting those who protect you from getting shot, mugged, or even shot at!

-East Coast Brother


Makes me sick to read this story.  Makes me glad I do not work for the NYPD at this time.  Good luck to the officers involved.



Regardless of the outcome of the events, it is a public officials responsibility to support his men. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I truly believe that the only ones who can say if excessive force was used or not were those present. Obviously, in order to discharge their weapons, those officers had to feel their lives were in danger. When we start taking away our policemen's right to act, who will protect us then?

-Discouraged in NJ


Much like the Duke Rape case, white politicians whose constituents are black know what to do to get votes; innocent people or cops be damned.  Charlie Rangels' past is a perfect example (look up his history); Many rallied around Joanne Chesimard (NJ's most wanted).  Police are sold out all the time.  All we have are each other. 



All I want at this point is the address for the campaign contributions of Bloomberg's next opponent.  If I lived in NY, I'd consider myself a viable option, but being from SC...I wouldn't stand a chance.  Furthermore, show me where I can contribute to an Anti-Al Sharpton and or an Anti-NAACP organization (both being tied for the two biggest bigots & racists in the country) and I'll show you where the next check I write out will be mailed!

- Brother-in-Arms


It wouldn't take a death mute to agree with Mayor Bloomberg's opinion on this one.  The officer's clearly used force and to say they were being treated improper is ludacris!  The very fact that there was no gun found at the scene of 50 gun shells warrant time off for the officer's.  We tend to forget that Police Officer's are public servants (servants of the people), this is a profession that they chose!  Like any other job in America when you mess up you are fired or reprimanded, well this is a reprimand until the truth is uncovered.  I think your true opposition is to the presence of Al Sharpton and not Mayor Bloomberg's comments.

Rev. Sharpton is there so the truth is told and not distorted as so many other truths has been in the past.  He is a welcome site by many who believe and know the history of the unjust court system towards people of color in America. It's time to stop the killing and abuse, do your jobs and serve the people!

-Anonymous Response - Sir or Madam, you clearly do not know the law.  You clearly have a reading comprehension disorder.  You clearly do not have the ability to analyze a situation and draw reasonable conclusions.  All of this is neatly wrapped up in your slanted agenda where cops are guilty until proven innocent.  I truly feel sorry for the pained life you must be living.  Good luck.


It is a sad situation that my fellow brothers in blue have to fend for themselves now after being thrown to the wolves.  I am a police officer in Springfield, OH.  I have always taught that being in a position of authority meant you had more responsibility for that "power" and for those that followed you.  It sounds like Mayor Bloomberg has no concept of what vicarious liability really is.  If you agree to lead, then lead by example.  His obvious show of leadership was to avoid any opposition and just give up.  I appreciate the above comments.  I don't really agree with comparing one person to another (Giuliani vs. Bloomberg).  But, in this circumstance, I feel it fitting.  If I were a betting man, I would bet that if the outcome of the investigation excuses the "accused" of wrong-doing, Mr. Bloomberg will take up the banner of blue once again.  Where are the "Mighty Oaks" that stood so high on hallowed ground?  Oh yes, they penned their names upon our Constitution.  What happened to men of their caliber?  Why can't someone feel a need to bring unity, honesty, and integrity back into leadership?  I dare say because of corruption.  I feel your pain and support all who stand for integrity and truth and honor.

-Ohio Lawman


It is tragic when you cannot protect and serve without first thinking  "will I have the support of those who I work for or will they hang me out to dry" indecisiveness can cost lives it seems to be the mayor opinion that it is better to support a criminal element than those who swear to uphold the law at time with detriment to their selves and loved one

-Police Service Tech
-Bakersfield, CA


As is the case for most Officer involved incidents, we are guilty until proven innocent, even then, we still have to live with the dark shadow cast over us by the same people we protect every day and night.....Gotta love this job!!  Mayor Bloomberg needs to look up the police term "Cover Officer," and learn the reason why we police officers, stick together through thick and thin, because once he is done with his term, NYPD still has to continue doing their term.  Police work never stops!



Its a shame that once again our government leaders show there true colors, yellow! Typical politician response. Hide behind your millions Bloomberg, those police officers don't hide. They are the ones that protect people like you so you can live in your little jellyfish world and go and come as you please.  Lets see you put your life on the line everyday.  Lets see you make split second decisions.  Well you certainly did make split second "politician" decisions when pressured by the media and citizens who always cry racism.

When a black or other minority police officers is involved in a shooting, you don't see white opportunists in demonstrations, mouthing off to the media, demonstrating do you?  And minorities say that white cops are racists. Seems to me that it's the other way around.....every time. Its always racism.  Maybe there should be a requirement that in this country every citizen should do a rid along with police, fire, and ems to see what its really like.

Remember Bloomberg and all other politicians who have no backbone.....all across this fine country, whenever there is a disturbance, a shooting, a stabbing, a confrontation, whenever there is a fire, a  gas leak, an explosion, whenever  there's a medical emergency, heart attack, stroke, car accident with injuries.....everyone seems to be willing to walk or run the other way.....but police, fire and ems cant walk or run the other way.  They must go into the face of danger. That is their profession.. try to imagine that everyone of those officers do this every day, every hour, every week. There is no vacation from the dregs of society. Yes there many fine moments when safety forces have good moments that they can be proud of. But Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and now Mayor Bloomberg are truly among the ranks of pathetic human beings. 

Thanks for the opportunity and privilege to have to serve and protect people like you.  We trust you will sleep comfortably and safe each night. Be proud, for you have shown your true colors.



I am proud to be a cop and thankful it is not in New York with a mayor like that.

-Southern Illinois Officer


In regards to equality and the fair treatment of all people, Al Sharpton and his "mob" are actually hurting this country. He preaches hate, not love; we should be weary of his agenda.

As for Mayor Bloomberg, he should be ashamed of himself. His officers are on the street, working hard to protect their city, and he worries about his own image. Whatever happened to standing behind those who perform a job that requires sacrifice and self motivation.

Our police officers miss time with their families, are physically attacked and verbally berated. They work hard hours, are understaffed and under equipped. Where are their praise and thank you's?

This country's attitude is becoming more geared toward disrespect and selfishness. I get upset when I hear, "Police are a necessary evil." Well, the police are not the enemy, they are our protectors. They do a great job 99% of the time. When a police officer fires his or her weapon, they do it because they are in fear of death or serious bodily harm, for themselves or someone else.

Why does it seem that the latest trend is to persecute the officer before anyone even knows what happened. This frame of mind is foreign to me- what are these people thinking in their small brains?

I will always support law enforcement officers for their mostly thankless work everyday. They need to be praised and looked up to. I would rather have them come home safe at the end of their shift, than to second guess themselves during a violent encounter.

Be safe, look out for your brother and sister officers and God Bless.

-Concerned citizen who is pro police


We can't compare Rudolph and Bloomberg.  Apples and oranges.  Bottom line, Bloomberg is taking the side of the angry mob, instead of being a leader and saying, let's wait for the facts to come out before jumping to conclusions. 

Innocent until proven guilty...unless your a cop.  As always! 


All I can do is shake my head in disgust.  As a NJ LEO I know the difficulties that we face.  We have a fraction of a second to make decisions that may effect us for the rest of our lives.  People on the outside, including most politicians, will never understand.  Mayor Bloomberg is a disgrace to the city and all respect that I had for him is gone. 

-Anonymous NJ LEO


A very sad day when commentary is made by the chief executive without all of the facts in... A classic case of why you need a strong PBA and a good legal protection plan !!



It is so hurtful that this country is so divided after so many people worked hard to make it equal. Myself being young (person of color) never put much thought on other peoples race. Only after I got older and seen for myself things that divide us all.  My mother even calls Al Sharpton a fool.

Some people in this country cannot get over the fact that blacks (or any other minority) have been mistreated for years. There is nothing to gain from these kind of actions but destruction. Mayor Bloomberg.... Well I can just say he think he is doing something right and he will either be praised or ridiculed for making them. Not everyone is going to be on the same side as everyone.



I expect nothing less from a politician today. They have their own self-serving agenda and will do whatever needs to be done to cover their backs. Bloomberg holds no loyalty to anyone but himself and now it is out there for everyone to see.

This is sad, because the Mayor of any city should stand by his police officers and not prejudge them for the sake of appeasing an ethnic group who cries foul before the facts are in. It reveals to all of us that Bloomberg cannot be trusted. Being a police officer in New York City is probably the most dangerous job in the world and the compensation is the lowest and now, so is the morale of these young men and women who place their lives on the line every day to serve and protect the citizens of New York.

Mayor Bloomberg, you have lost any respect from your police officers that you may have had before you opened your mouth so don't bother to look for any. You don't have mine either!

-A Father of a Police Officer


How is it that a vile, lying, race-baiting asshat like "Reverend" Sharpton can even be given any press time after all the things he's done??!!??

I clearly remember the Tawana Brawley case, even then as a thirteen year old kid I recognized a charlatan when I saw one. What kills me, is that people of color even ALLOW this ridiculous parody of a man to represent their collective interests.

If I was a young black man, it would be an insult to me to have this person stand up and claim to be my advocate. Absolutely unbelievable. People will always blame the Police for the actions of the dirtbags...dont let it get you down, we are still needed, and will always be needed. It would take all of about three hours of anarchy before a Police force was quickly mustered. Remember, its a higher calling, stay safe out there!

-A brother officer......


Michael Bloomberg Is not fit to be Mayor of New York City.  He, without proper investigation, has condemned police officers in the performance of their duties and has done this for political reasons, other than to act as leader in his community in defense of all of it's citizens including the city's security force.  It is no wonder that we have a failure in today's government.  Voting for people like Bloomberg is like having the government we have in San Francisco....

-A former Law Enforcement Officer......


Mayor Bloomberg is a pathetic excuse for a leader, but his reaction to this incident is more the norm than you might think.  If you have not been involved in a use of force incident where some vocal dirtbags with their own agenda get involved, use this story as a guide for what you will face. 

There is a large group of people scattered throughout the country who feel they have been wronged by a Police Officer somewhere, and they have nothing better to do than jump on these incidents.  They obviously use it to further their cause, just like Al Sharpton.  They will do everything in their power to bully your administrators and legislators into finding you guilty in the media. 

Educate your administrators and local government into keeping their mouth shut when these incidents occur.  Make them responsible for their statements to the media through your associations, or organizations.  Most of us have a strong backing from some sort of fraternal organization that is represented locally for us, and if you don't, then contact one of the larger ones for local representation. 

This is an excellent opportunity to use our political power when these weasels want re-election.  Spread the word about these types of incidents, so the officials who do this are not backed by our folks when it comes time for re-election, and when they want to take credit when we do good.

Bottom line is, I do not know what happened the night of the incident.  I am giving my brothers the benefit of the doubt, like we have to give the human trash we see everyday when we arrest them.  If they did wrong, they'll swing for it.  If they did right, they still might swing for it because of the little scumbags with their agendas that they modify to suit their current situation.  Either way, we owe the guys involved to remind everyone in a position of power to keep their mouth shut until the investigation is complete.

Stay in the fight.

-Entrylead - West Coast 


As a sixteen year veteran police officer from Camden County, New Jersey, I think that his statements are a complete disgrace. If he wasn't going to support HIS police officers then he could have and should have, at the very least, taken a neutral position until the investigation was completed.



This is directed to Black and Blue (See Post Below)

You are correct in asking about the last time anyone ever heard about an unarmed white man being shot.  This is not because it doesn't happen, but because no one cares or makes a news story of it.  It is also because there are usually white officers involved, although not exclusively.  The NY case involved black, Hispanic and white officers.  I guess then that all three races were somehow prejudiced against the victim?  I think this is a very sad case and one where I might imagine there were mistakes made on both sides.  There might be a very strong case that the officers made some poor decisions, but we don't know and should reserve judgment.  We as LEOs are held to an impossibly high standard and people like Al Sharpton make our life more difficult by thriving off of racist tensions and trying to color every incident as one of prejudice and hate.

-Houston cop


It's a shame that you have to fear your actions even if they are 100% justified.

I guess that's the world that we live in today.

-A frustrated NJ Cop


I too strongly agree on's view on this incident. While watching television on the first few nights when this happened, I actually couldn't believe the audacity of Mayor Bloomberg's premature comments using such words as "unacceptable" "excessive" and "inexplicable".

As the Mayor, he should know not to make any personal or influential comments on any ongoing investigation before the facts/inaccuracies are discovered, as all authoritative figures know....but then again....he obviously doesn't.

According to NJLawman's editorial, the Mayor stated:

"I am a civilian. I am not a professional law enforcement officer.  I used the word excessive and that's fine. That was my personal opinion. It may turn out to be that it was not excessive."

Well just to let you know Bloomberg, this is the exact time when you do not open your mouth to express your "personal" feelings.

As an elected official, millions of people look to the Mayor for an unbiased view of what had occurred, but after hearing his "views", how could millions of people not think the Police Officers were guilty before they were heard?

Just another fine example of what has happened to this country we call America.

It has been ruined by liberal Democrats (even though Bloomberg says he's Republican...we all know what party he really is)

The Democrats take the authority away that we as Law Enforcement Officers were sworn to, and place the handcuffs on us, not allowing us to serve and protect as we have in our hearts, but making us fear the serious chance of termination or possibly even jail, if God forbid, one of the slightest things goes wrong, whether we could avoid it or not.

As a Law Enforcement Officer for more than 12 years, I can tell you this from first hand experience.  In today's day and age, we have the most racially mixed culture in history, and it is not uncommon that every culture either dates or marries into another.  Years ago, people would raise an eyebrow if they saw a mixed race, it is so accepted, that people wouldn't notice if their lives depended on it.

The barriers of racial equality have been gone for many years now, but yet...when there is an incident involving two different races...guess what?  You got it....the race card reappears !!!!!!!

You seriously have to be kidding me.  Do you honestly think that any cop whether he is White/Black/Asian or any other Ethnicity is going to purposely say to him/herself at the critical time of life or death "well he/she is a different color/race....I think I'll kill them" especially the way the world is today?

As Law Enforcement Officers know, when you are confronted with a life or death incident, and your weapon is pointed at the suspect (especially if they are a different race than you)....EVERY COP says to him/herself in the back of their minds in a split second "what consequences are going to come from this?" "am I going to lose my job?" "will I be indicted" will I be labeled as a murderer and my family will suffer?" "will I go to Jail?"

So please don't tell me that the Officers involved in the NYC incident intentionally wanted to kill those men because they were Black....please don't.



In an attempt to attract viewers from all corners of the nation, the media will describe police shootings in a less than factual context.  Of particular interest is CNN's story on the Queens, NY shooting involving a few UC's.  The opening line of the story on their site states: "Several hundred people gathered Sunday for a vigil and rally to demand answers about why officers let fly a flurry of bullets at 23-year-old Sean Bell early Saturday, hours before he was supposed to marry the mother of his two young children".  And it all goes downhill from here. 

Excuse the sarcasm, but I am sure that police intended to kill the gentleman hours before his wedding.  Am I the only one who sees it this way, or do others share the same view on the media and the great light with which they shine on police activity.  To create more of an uproar, let's have Al Sharpton on camera too, calling for the exigent circumstances of the incident to be revealed, yet speculating further than should be allowed in light of his comment.  Let's jump the gun why don't we... (excuse the sarcasm - again!)

Although I know many LEO's are familiar with the media's propensity towards skewing the facts, I have slowly come to this same, plain & simple, realization (it may have something to do with the fact that I come from a very small job - sorry). 

I am curious as to the opinions of others, and hope to hear them soon.  Stay safe everyone! 



Rev. Sharpton, like Jesse Jackson, feeds off of racial tensions.  Instead of working towards fairness and justice, their rhetoric feed the fires of racial divisiveness.  These "media darlings" are an insult to the legacy left by Martin Luther King, who preached unity and fairness not the racial discord these buffoons promote.  Mayor Bloomberg's comments are inexcusable.  Instead of allowing the officers right to due process, he has convicted them in front of a biased media.  Nobody knows what really happened that night except for those involved.  Let the facts speak for themselves.  If the officers are innocent, let it be proved even though their careers are already tainted by this media firestorm.  If they are indeed guilty, allow them their due process and let the courts decide their fate, not a loudmouthed charlatan, an incompetent mayor or a biased media.

-An Ordinary Average Guy 


I hope that agencies take the opportunity during these protests to identify gang members and track their movement. Let me tell you if they want to tangle with the police then I hope they get a good lawyer cause ill bring my A game.



Mayor Bloomberg is a opportunistic politician, who will do whatever he believes is best for himself.  Why is anyone surprised?

-CA Lawman


Since Sharpton, Jackson and Farrakhan have nothing better to do than complain against the police, white people and every other injustice then he should start his own black city of just Black cops, Black mayor, Black fireman, Black Politicians, etc. Then again he still would find something to complain about.



What happened to due process for the victims? As law enforcement officers we can expect the constitution to protect us, but the constitution also protects the alleged perpetrator as well. We are the professionals, and just like in any other business the public is not expected to know what the professional knows. Therefore, we are held to a higher standard of accountability.

-PA Lawman


I believe Al Sharpton is a big part of all the racial tension not only in NY but in the great U.S.A. His comments have stirred up some serious controversy in the past and I believe was the reason some people got hurt or died for it. If we were to look deep into his past comments and threats I believe we can find some reason to put him up on charges for being an accessory to some crime committed.

Now Mayor Bloomberg has just added to all this racial tension by being clueless and not knowing anything about law enforcement. A moving vehicle being used to run you down sure as hell seems to be a deadly weapon to me and should justify any means of deadly force. Try to learn the law Mayor before commenting on something you know nothing about. I'm actually glad you had Al behind you and you standing behind Al because now it will just be a lot easier getting you out of office. Good luck Mayor!!!
God Bless all our officers throughout the nation.



It is a travesty how people often forget, and become so flippant. When someone is robbed, raped or decided that they want to kill themselves and everyone around them.  The people don't say someone call a politician, preacher or fireman. They all want the police to come resolve the dysfunction quickly.  But just as soon as an incident occurs involving the police the mob exclaims " hang the police".

-South Carolina Police Officer


Al is an idiot and now we know that Bloomberg is too! I can't believe that a mayor, any mayor, would throw his police force under the bus like that. What kind of cowardly double-crossing weasel did NY elect anyway? I hope they don't make the same mistake on the next election!!!!!

-Bryan in Colorado


I am a Senior at Rutgers University and I was thinking of going to New York to become a police officer.  Not now, I really think this world we live in is BS.  We elect the biggest idiots in America to represent us.  They are all scumbags.  I would rather be in the position I am in now, which is lower middle class, then to ever move up and be like one of these [Bleep].



You know something Martin Luther king stood for equal rights and the man was killed for it. Here you have this piece of garbage Sharpton running around preaching BLACKS AGAINST WHITES AND HE IS STILL BREATHING!! I still cant figure this out. REMEMBER ONE THING, DURING JUDGMENT DAY YOU BETTER MAKE SURE YOU LOVED YOUR BROTHER AS YOU LOVED YOURSELF, BECAUSE THE LORD DOESN'T SEE COLOR.  This shooting is sad. Cops just don't shoot people for know reason. Maybe everyone should wait and see what happens with the investigation before making any judgments. Anyone can be a Monday morning quarterback, but not everyone can be a quarterback.



You know something black and blue that is the dumbest thing I have ever read (Below).

Black or white or purple we our all brothers and when you get a call, of whatever persons, with a gun, you take it serious. KEEP YOUR STUPID COMMENTS TO YOURSELF!!! Al Sharpton is the racist and everyone knows it.



Why do the comments below only favor your opinion?

-Anonymous Response
They don't.  The one right below yours takes a different position, and it is the first we have received.

Plus, most of our visitors have been civilians and law enforcement officers, so their opinions are generally more informed.


As a black law enforcement officer myself.  I have to ask one question, when was the last time you heard of a incident were a white suspect was shoot unarmed?

-Black and Blue


Rudy was a the best mayor the city ever had.  He cleaned up crime, kept morale high.  Bloomberg is a political businessman, who has no business being in his current position. He is gonna run the city back into the ground, and it saddens me.  Rudy for president!



Can you believe that these officers shot at unarmed suspects in a motor vehicle? (sarcastic). 

It must be only me who believes that a 3000 lb motor vehicle being used as a battering ram on a brother officer is in fact a weapon and being used as such justifies the use of deadly force to protect the officer who was struck (not once, but twice) and everyone else who may have been in the vehicles path.  The driver of that vehicle is the only one responsible for the escalation of the use of force that was used by the officers on scene that evening.  Anyone who is second guessing the officers who escalated to the use of deadly force under the circumstances that were presented to them on this evening should stand in front of a motor vehicle driven by an individual who wants to run you over resulting in serious bodily harm or death.  The driver of that vehicle was armed and dangerous and his weapon was a motor vehicle!



Today I have to hang my head in shame that the city let someone like the black panthers have a protest with the bloods and crips and they roamed around queens acting like they did without impunity.

They let them walk around like they owned the city and let them do pretty much whatever they wanted to do shame on you mayor and shame on you Ray Kelly. 

At one time NYPD was a job with great pride and traditions and the two of you have flushed its once proud tradition down the drain by letting these groups along with Al, Chuck, and Jessie run the city.

I was once proud to say I was one of NEW YORK'S FINEST but now must bow my head .

-Larry Bennet


Bloomberg, you are without a doubt a disgrace to NY City. I'm sure if one of the officer's involved in the shooting, were pulling an individual from a car wreck, or stopping one of your family members from being assaulted, you would be the first to shake there hand in front of the media. But... politics the way they are you stand behind the podium with that soap box preacher Al Sharpton. All I have to say is "Grow a pair", examine all fact's when available, and then make a stand. After all you may need help from one of those officer's you underpay. And as for (Sharpton) your the racist, how many white people have you supported.

-Pissed off in NJ.


I have no idea why Sharpton would have any credibility after the Tawana Brawley fiasco several years ago.  He stirred up racial tensions to a fever pitch and then quietly disappeared when it was discovered that Tawana had made the whole ugly episode up.  No one brought him to the plate on it.  I think it's very sad that politicians can't seem to err on the side of conservatism and give a thought to justice and fairness instead of trying to ingratiate themselves to people like Sharpton. 

-Aunt of a law officer


We must also consider what was said at the end of this article.
“The bare minimum every cop asks for when a situation goes bad is due process.  It was promised to us when we were hired and is guaranteed to us by our Constitution.”

Beyond the bounds of who was right and who was wrong our constitution promises the right of due process for everyone. Out of respect for the officers we must afford them the right of protection, at minimum, until the investigation discovers the facts. To stand and say that they acted excessively prior to knowing what really happened is disrespectful, the public and government puts its trust in our officers and in turn they should be afforded the same trust from us.

-University Student


As a retired PO (31 yrs of service), I am thankful I no longer work in that PROFESSION.

Anyone who wants to be a PO today is crazy or misguided. There is no upside, except for self-satisfaction, which is admirable, except it's at the risk of being fired, sued, tried and jailed for an honest error.

Over the years I can tell you the criminals disliked us, while the public and elected officials tolerated us for doing a necessary job, but had some kind of respect for us. Today, the public, prosecutors, judges, media, and all lawyers hate us and think we are all liars.

At least the criminals remain constant in their dislike for us, with good reason, we put them in jail.

I would seriously try and convince anyone from becoming a PO today. I would tell them to be a fireman, everyone loves them! Let the "do gooders" like Bloomberg or Sharpton patrol the streets by themselves. The proof is as you've stated. Bloomberg condemned the police only hours into a complicated investigation.

Keep up the good work, and your editorial is right on the money. Your work into this site is outstanding! Congratulations.

Thanks for your interest.



I wonder what Sharp-tone would say if a white person went to him for help after being "abused" by a black person?



Any true cop working the mayor's security detailed should have put in a transfer request immediately after the mayor's statements. Better to work the streets and hold your head up then have to take a bullet for that pandering midget.



Maybe its time for all the brothers and sisters in law enforcement to conduct our own million man march on city hall and fight for our brothers rights. We are just as guilty as Sharpton or anyone else if we sit on our collective hands and remain silent. We need to organize and unite to embarrass Bloomberg until he recants what he said.




Law enforcement officers have constantly been the target of many "opportunist race baiters" and will probably always be a target of them as long as you have cowards such as Bloomberg in office that help ignite their attacks.  I wish people would stop giving Sharpton so much power (that is aimed at Mayor Bloomberg, who allowed Sharpton to stand with him behind the podium!) The only thing he thrives on is racial upheaval. By having Sharpton stand next to him at the podium only reinforced "Mayor" Bloomberg's VERY opinionated statements that left the NYPD blowing in the wind without any support. Mayor Bloomberg should be ashamed of himself that he made those statements PRIOR to the investigation being completed. NYPD...we salute you for standing tall, during this and during 9/11!! God Bless!

-TrueBlue, Law Enforcement Officer's Wife


The fact of the matter is this. Society does not care when a police officer is killed during his or her tour of duty. In addition, if a police officer has to fire their firearm to protect themselves as well as the community, there's a problem. My question is this. Where was Al Sharpton when a black police officer was killed in the line of duty in East Orange? He wasn't there because no money could be made. With that in mind, Bloomberg you are a disgrace to the law enforcement family across the nation. Just remember that police officers are the ones who protect you and your family.

-Paterson's Finest


That's why I'm getting to the point where I just don't even bother stopping people of other races.  This country is making us profile white people to avoid the BS involved with doing the job.

-White NJ Officer


Mayor Bloomberg has jumped the gun and in the meantime he has placed our brother officers in jeopardy. Shame on you Mr. Mayor.

-Lt. Gary Langston
-Choctaw Nation Tribal Police
-Talihina, Oklahoma   


IT is pretty sad that he has numerous POLICE OFFICERS from NYPD protecting him on a daily basis...stop and think about that!!!!



I'm not surprised, look at our society.  This is no longer a world where the Police are looked upon as a force of protectors or public servants.  The Police are simply viewed by politicians as a liability and by the citizens as henchman.  If they could do away with us, they would do it in a heart beat.  No one wants to wake up and see the real truth about what is transpiring in this country, they just want to blame everything on easy to say and spell words like racism and poverty. 

I never thought I'd say this, but more and more I'm wishing I had become a fireman.  Maybe Police across the nation should take a "fireman" stance.  As a trial period, for one week we will ONLY answer calls.  In time that we have no calls, we will sit in the station and simply wait for another call.  No tickets, no self generated arrests, no warrant arrests or pro active policing and patrolling.  No walking the beat and making small talk with the locals, and certainly no placing our lives in unnecessary danger for a public majority that could care less and would rather see us gone anyway.  Let's see how things go in our respective jurisdictions then.  How many days out of that week, do you think it will take the spineless politicians to cry foul and call us lazy and worthless.  But isn't that what they want? 

Or even better yet, every city politician should have to ride along with a patrol officer for a period of no less than two weeks.  They should have to handle every job that comes down the pike just as if they were Police.  BUT No gun, no badge, no vest...Just there politicians smile and a nice suit (just like they'd have us do if they could).  Let's see how that works out.  Let's see if their cheese eating bantering can talk a guy into handcuffs that just raped and killed a senior citizen for no reason other than sexual satisfaction.  Let's see how they seal with the "racism and poverty."



Lets face it Bloomberg is an elitist pig.  Bloomberg was a registered Democrat.  He knew he couldn’t win in the primary.  So he switched parties to become a Republican.  Truly he is a limo Liberal in sheep’s clothing.

What’s more important is to look at those he’s associating himself with.

Al Sharpton:  who perpetuated the rape of Twanna Brawley Hoax.  In that case he publicly accused a Prosecutor, Cops, and others of raping the girl.  Twanna Brawley was truly a Hoax.  Even the often liberal reporters of the NY Times conceded it was Hoax.  They wrote the Book “Outrage: The Twana Brawley Hoax” to expose it.  Let’s not forget it was lying Al who was held up in Brooklyn Church refusing to let Twanna Brawley testify in front of Grand Jury.  It’s obvious why he or she never wanted that to happen.

The outcome of that (which the Media seems to forgot) NY D/A Steven Pagones sued him and other “community leaders”. On July 13, 1998, after a trial lasting almost eight months, a jury found the three advisors liable for defaming Pagones.

Just over two weeks later, on July 29, the jury awarded Pagones $345,000 in damages.  Sharpton was found liable for $65,000 of the total damages, Maddox for $95,000 and Mason for $185,000.   Also a criminal Grand Jury came to the conclusion Brawley was never raped.

NYC Councilman Charles Barron former Racist Black Panther helped raise money for causes such a legal bills for other members during the 60’ and 70’s accused of cop killing.  I don’t need to say much about him, I’ll let you read what he says:

"You know, some days I get so frustrated I just want to go up to the closest white person and say, 'You can't understand this, it's a black thing,' and then slap him, just for my mental health."

“We’re not the only ones that can bleed.”

TV Host:  “So the African American officers are racists?”

Barron’s reply: “They’re not Black, they’re Blue.

They’re cops! And the racism that they’re perpetuating is the institutional racism of the police department, that sees Black youths as thugs. “

Barron’s last remark only seems to polarize those Black Officers serving in the NYPD.  Law Enforcement, NYPD in particular, have gone to great strives to recruit minorities.  With recruitment drives and Affirmative action clauses.  Many people call for police forces to be more “diverse” and/or reflective of their community.  Charles Barron insults and demeans our fellow officers, who are black, here and in the NYPD.

Those Officers put themselves forward to serve their communities.  Their fellow neighbors, family and friends.  No matter what race we stand shoulder to shoulder to protect and serve.  Collectively we all stand and say “this will defend”.

Let me point out what Charles Barron forgot about those Black NYPD officers who recently made the ultimate sacrifice. 
NYPD Officer Dillion Stewart was shot during a vehicle pursuit.  While shot he still continued to pursue the suspect.

Det. Rodney J. Andrews and Det. James V. Nemorin who were executed while working undercover.  These two Detectives were undercover purchasing handguns and machine guns from illegal gun dealers.  Where was Charles Barron for them?  Their families? (The Trial in the case is underway in Staten Island)

Charles Rangel I saved him for last.  Charles Rangel somehow is a U.S. Congressman. You may also know him as the man who wants to bring back the draft and recently stated people only join the Armed Forces if they don’t have “a decent Career”.

On April 14, 1972 NYPD Off. Cardillo was shot while responding to call of a man with a gun.  The incident took place at the Harlem Mosque.  Charles Rangel was one of the “community leaders” who helped impede and obstruct the investigation.  Actually blaming the police for the incident.  You can read all about it in a book titled “Murder at the Harlem Mosque”.   The end result?  Nobody was ever found guilty of his murder.  It remains open today.

As in the case today it was the reaction that came from City Hall that shocked the NYPD.  Neither the Mayor nor the Police Commish attended Cardillo’s funeral.  The ranking Inspector who presided over that precinct retired the day of the funeral over the disgust of the Mayor, P.C, and the incident as a whole. (Read more at

Let’s not forget Comm. Kelly’s comments about shooting incident and who he aligned himself with.  You can read all about on the NYPD Rant Blog  Find out how prior to this incident Kelly was lining himself up to run for mayor.  It seems as if he trying to salvage that aspect now.

We stand together regardless of race, creed and color to protect and serve all races, creeds, and colors.

-United we Stand, Divided we fall.
-Joe Tuohy, Monmouth PBA #314
-“Those who forget history are bound to repeat it”


It begins to make one wonder, how many more elected officials are going to follow in Mayor Bloomberg's footsteps: and abanden thier officers when a situation arises. I hope that every other mayor in the entire US agrees with us and feels he is a sell out.

-About to start the Police Academy


I would like to personally thank everyone here for there support at this time on behalf of all the POLICE OFFICERS in the NYPD .The part about not firing at a car is from the NYPD patrol guide the NYS penal law under article 32 justifies the officers actions.



Any elected official or civilian who condemns the actions of any officer moments after and incident should first try to walk a day in our shoes, then live through the same experience, and do it day after day, before you open your mouth. The investigation is not even in its infancy and all non-law enforcement people in our area are lining up to hang these officers. Get the facts together and then pass judgment.



Al Sharpton is the biggest, trouble making asshole on this planet. Where is he when it's a black on white, or black on Hispanic, etc., etc. Bloomberg should crawl back under the rock he came from. They are both a disgrace to the human race. Where's RUDI when you need him.



Sharpton, is nothing more than a phony.  It's a real problem that the "Race" card is always played with this phony.  Bloomberg is no better than Sharpton.  He should be ashamed of jumping to conclusions like that!  I hope and pray that the Detectives involved in this incident will be vindicated of any wrongdoing.



Al Sharpton thrives on the fact when a "minority" is hurt or killed by a cop (a white cop) he's there for execution!! When the roles are reversed.. it seems he's either on vacation, has a doctor's apt., a don kings hair apt., or a McDonalds run. Doesn't visit a cop (a white cop) in the hospital, show's no support and for the most part doesn't wanna acknowledge it. Why does this man continue to get away with this. He pretty much fits the definition of a racist in my book. Come to think of it, I don't know of anyone that is a bigger racist than him. All I have to say is I'm tired of trying to understand why he is allowed to continue his rally's and demonstrations when its completely one sided.

As for Bloomberg..... lets just say I'm embarrassed for him. I really am. If I were him, I would resign and crawl into a little hole and hope no one holds a grudge after 10 years. Simply Unbelievable!!!!


-JDO, Northern NJ 


I knew this guy was no good the day he took office. anyone who is so anti-gun is also anti police.



Obviously, Bloomberg doe not read the Police Officer's Prayer. $25,100 is what Bloomberg pays his PO's who walk the beat in heat, rain, sleet and snow and get harassed by non law abiding citizens who file CCRB's on them for doing their job.

Now hear this for all who want to be a NYC PO: Great pay, Excellent benefits and a Jail cell. Become a NYC Police Officer and experience the greatest show on earth! Now hiring !!!!!!! Way to go Bloomberg for taking care of your PO's.



All I can say is "Typical".  It goes on no matter where you work,  he's just doing the old "CYA".  Here in Washington state they do it all the time.  They will align with whomever they think will get them re-elected.  It's just sad that they want us to do a job and then when it's done, blame us for all mistakes and take credit for the good we do.

-Washington State Corrections Officer


Bloomberg should be ashamed of himself for his personal opinion about what happen. He does not care about his 30,000+ Police Officers who protect his own funky ass and the city. Just look @ the pay scale for those officer's. It will literally make you puke. What happen to those young men is a travesty and when the investigation is completed and they are found to be wrong for their actions, they should be punished to the fulliest extent of the law. Bloomberg did not give it a chance and has senteced his Police Officer's w/o a trial by law. If he is so against his officer's, why does he use them as his security. He has enough money to get his own private security detail. Bloomberg you are a disgusting and worthless leader for your PO's and the people of NYC!



Not only does he beat up his officers at the bargaining table, now he denies those same officers a fair hearing!  Disgraceful.



If the Police Detail that is protecting Mayor "Kiss Ass" Bloomberg had the balls that he has, they would request an immediate transfer to be with the Cops on the Street. This would leave the "Kiss Ass Mayor" with what he deserves ... Nothing but his Ass to protect him.

Bloomberg should spend just one night on the street wearing the "bag" in one of his nice getto's with a water gun for protection, then see what he has to say about Cops.



When those that DON'T attempt to explicate the actions of those that DO it rarely, if ever, turns out well. Five (5) officers... fifty (50) rounds... the math here is simple. The belief that a weapon is present in a vehicle which is attempting to egress the area THROUGH a police contingent evokes a very nightmarish tactical situation to say the least. As police officers we will always be under the microscope; we realize this after we've been doing this for a little while. And, as police officers, we oft times become THAT very hot-button item too scalding to be handled by the administration. As BROTHERS, we need but look to ourselves for support. I did not walk in these officer's shoes... how could I possibly question them without a thorough and impartial investigation? Mayor Bloomberg reacted as a politician, in my opinion... not as a leader. Pity, really... but wholly unsurprising.

-Texas Peace Officer


Lets stop with the notion that these guys were just three men out for a walk and were targeted because of race. There are two sides to every story and by the media and the mayor portraying them as victims and angels, only adds to the tension. Al Sharpton is a racist and only gets involved to increase hostility between whites and blacks. Its funny how when he was stabbed by a black man that it was barely mentioned by him. One could only imagine the media circus and accusations shoveled by him if a white person had stabbed him. Sharpton is a pot stirrer who thrives on dividing people, he is truly a disgrace and a menace to society.



I was saddened by not surprised how quickly the mayor turned against the police in this incident. It has become increasingly disturbing that the man who "runs" the city would rush to judgment and put these officers in a precarious position before the facts are fully gathered. I think the police union should take a vote of no confidence against him as he has displayed that he has no confidence in them. These men are entitled to a fair investigation just like we provide for criminals. Al Sharpton is a racist and a divider of society. He only gets involved when he can increase racial tension.



Its a shame that an elected official would not back his police officers.  especially in a city that has had so much pain and death to brothers and sisters of the service ( 9-11-01).  those officers did not put the shield/badge around there neck that morning and say I'm gonna kill an innocent civilian today. They were doing there job as the rest of us do across the river. Mayor Bloomberg should be ashamed of himself for his comments. he should also know that he has not only lost the respect of the NYPD and Police Officers in NJ but the rest of the law enforcement officers in the United States.  Shame On Him !!!!!!!!

NJ Police Officers for NYPD


November, 2006
This article is extremely well written. It is amazing how the mayor is allowed to recant and back peddle after having to make a quick statement and opinion. Officers are held to a higher standard and don't have that luxury.



November, 2006
Bloomberg should follow this age old advice: "It's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!"  He threw his police under the bus before any complete investigation was done by kowtowing to the likes of race baiters and shake down artists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. He certainly is no Rudy Giuliani.



November, 2006
As your basic patrol officer, these comments by Mayor "G"loomberg raise serious concerns to my welfare and fellow officers. These public officials that have no understanding of law enforcement duties, continue to belittle and attack our law enforcement in times of trouble or conflict. What will happen if all us patrol officers become "strictly" responsive in nature? What will happen if we "only" answer our calls for service and loose our proactive, visible, and vigilant patrol standards? I'll tell you what will happen, the bad guys will realize this and take control slowly but surely.

God help us on the slippery slop we are falling down. Politicians keep your opinions to your area of expertise, balancing budgets and your assigned social programs. Your understanding of Law Enforcement is not your specialty!



November, 2006
Gee Didn't He Just Open the City up to a good civil law suit. 



November, 2006
Absolute disgrace!!! I said the day he opened his mouth hours after the shooting that he should be careful what he says..... he's getting himself in even deeper! Being a cop, I HATE hearing people give their opinion on something that they have no idea what they are talking about....and to here him side with that "racist creep Al Sharpton"... HEY BLOOMBERG, IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT ONE DAY.... SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DON'T!!!! To the boys in blue, BE SAFE and continue to do your job..... we will ALWAYS get trash mouth from those who have no clue what we do...

-NJ Police Officer


November, 2006
Wonder if Bloomberg is able to look his security detail in their eyes.  Its really not his fault, he's a pencil pushing geek!



November, 2006
Sharpton: "Betty Shabazz was killed by a white man."  Wrong it was her grandson.

Can we forget the chaos he cause with the Brawley case ? Again he was wrong.........



November, 2006
Not only did the Mayor sell out, so did the the Attorney General and Governor.

Read this.  "Attorney General and Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer said in a phone interview with El Diario La Prensa on Tuesday that he agrees with Mayor Bloomberg that the officers used excessive force. Spitzer denounced the incident adding that the shooting was inexplicable, and also suggested it deserves a thorough investigation."   Source



November, 2006
I have been in law enforcement for 33 yrs I am retired and I feel deeply for the New York City Police Department and their thousands of honest Policeman and women who are suffering right now because they have a bone head for a Mayor.   I repeat a bone head!   Since when does a Civilian go ahead and because he has the media licking at his heels does this man, who calls himself the Mayor for all the people (I guess NYC Cops aren't people to him) make a brash statement and say that the shooting in the City recently was excessive.   What the hell is wrong with him!

We had a Mayor out here in Paterson. ( He died several years ago) But they named a law after him too.   It was called the Graves Act.   He made a statement in the local news paper the very next day after a police shooting that the Police Officer wasn't justified in shooting a fleeing felon who was involved in Drug arrest.   What didn't this man understand?  This case should have been handled by the Police and not the media. 

If this recent shooting incident has to be tried let it be tried in the court and not on the streets, and not by the one-sided public.  Nice guy Mayor Bloomberg.  Who needs people like you looking out for our backs.   Well, the Mayor 'bloomy' Bloomberg needs some advice.   Stay out of police affairs and keep your dam mouth shut.   Why try these officers in the media and hold hands with the likes of Jesse 'The Rev" Jackson and Al "The make believe preacher" Sharpton.  All they want is to discredit the Police Department.  Still remember the Towana Brawly Case?  

New York State has a guy who wanted to be Governor, who preached that Police Officers should only shoot to wound and if they kill a subject they should be tried as a murderer.  Can you beat all that.   This was the Lieutenant Governor, if I remember correctly.  He needs to find other employment and not with the Government.

I heard that Governor Pataki, who is in his last throws of power makes a similar statement that the shooting was excessive and he is out of the country.  He must be a clairvoyant and can see through the fog.  How can this man make a judgment call like that?

These Politicians all think the same way.  Anyway they can get another vote in their pocket. All these politicians are running scared they all want to be on the Politically correct side all the time.   Come on Mayor "Million Bucks" Bloomberg get with the program.   Shut up if you dare.   Don't say too much to the media.   How about this, "The case is being investigated and the outcome will be released to the public and media.   If there are improprieties these will be addressed."  What would be wrong with that?   I'm not the Mayor and if I was I wouldn't have made a statement like that.  He is jeopardizing thousands of Police Officers lives here.

If he wants to be President, he isn't going to make too many friends this way.   He should talk to John Kerry, another flap jaw politician, they can make a "fools ticket up" and start their own party of two.

I really feel sorry for the people that have to work there now.   Be on guard.   Look out for each others back.  We in Jersey have been notified that the Bloods and The Crips have open contracts out on shooting a Police Officer in retribution for the shooting in New York.

Man does this sort of flap jaw politics get under my skin.   Thank God I am retired.   I would love to B---h slap bloomy and I know that people would look the other way if I did.

Dominick DOnofrio
Retired Police Chief
Lodi PD  Lodi NJ


November, 2006
When are Police Officers going to be able to do their job without wondering if the towns officials are going to back them up in the event the do something to raise a flag in the political eye? Cops are afraid to get too involved in situations today that may cause them to get "Jammed Up" as we would say. We were all highly trained to be Police Officers so now let us do what we do best and get paid for each day we report for duty!  It's your tax dollars at work, so lets do something about this problem at hand. Mayor Bloomberg needs to go!!

-Another anonymous Police Officer from N.J.


November, 2006
My boyfriend is a sergeant with the NYPD. I have no opinion on this yet because I am waiting for my anger to subside before I type my comments! I pray for everyone involved, all the victims which include the police, they are victims in this also. Where is the media coverage when the police save lives everyday or go into a burning house to save people they've never met? Where is the media when an officer and father of three responds to a domestic dispute to help the woman and lands up being ambushed and shot to death by the crazy husband. Where's the media when 2 officers jump into an ice covered lake to save the life of a civilian who until that moment, despised police officers due to previous negative press. Where is the press when our hero's need them most? They're busy looking for bad news somewhere else. I'm angry.....



November, 2006
First of all people need to realize that this was not a racial incident since 2 of the police officers were black. But they were wrong in what they did. Your views on Al Sharpton are your views, he is not the issue, someone's child is dead and its because of the NYPD.   



November, 2006
This is what makes police "afraid" to perform the job the way it is supposed to be performed.  The township/city officials these days feel it is cheaper to sell a cop up the river to look good in the publics' eye than to back the person they have entrusted to uphold the law.  It's obvious that fear of political suicide is what drives people these days!!  Unreal!



November, 2006
It's all about race when a black man gets hurt or shot or killed by a Police Officer.

What about when a Police Officer is killed in the line of duty where is AL Sharpton then. This is not rocket science folks.

It's all about exploiting racial tension and a cash settlement.



November, 2006
I find for a fact that Mayor Bloomberg failed to support the officers involved in this shooting based on his comments to the media.

All he had to say is let the investigation begin and after it is concluded the facts involving the shooting will be found. He failed to do this, letting down all of the NYPD officers and residents of the greatest city in the world.

As far as I am concerned, he should resign his position as Mayor. He is a coward with zero leadership qualities, as proven by his comments about the shooting.

My hearts go out to the officers involved in the shooting and they have my support. The media needs to stop aggravating the situation and just report the facts as they know them to be. With this said, I know that the truth will come out. I hope our judicial system works the way it is meant to work for the sake of the officers involved and truly look at what justifiable deadly force is in New York. 

-Anonymous Police Officer from N.J.


November, 2006
It is a sad day in Law Enforcement when you allow the Mayor to condemn the officer's and allow him to speak in the manner he did. 



November, 2006
I have faith in all of my NYPD brothers that they acted in good will.  It's a SHAME that our mayor has taken sides both indirectly with the presence of Al Sharpton during the press conference and directly by making his "personal opinion".

Clearly, the undercover investigation at the location was there for a REASON. Not only do we receive low pay & bashing from the public but now clearly no support from Bloomberg; GOOD JOB MAYOR



November, 2006
It's Seems Mayor Bloomberg does not support his own POLICE DEPT.

But what is even stranger you have some type of minister stating that all the suspects were honorable citizens and were never in any TROUBLE.

This minister should check the facts before he makes a statement like he did.

Mayor Bloomberg should resign at this time and not be out looking for VOTES fro a further election.

We need RUDY back in office.



November, 2006
Once again we see a civilian mayor, charged with overseeing a police department with no prior law enforcement background.  Far too often, elected officials without the proper credentials and background oversee law enforcement functions and pass judgment in arenas that they have no place in.

What made Rudy Giuliani so great?  Not only the fact was he was an inspirational leader, leading from the front, but he had extensive knowledge and familiarity with law enforcement from his years as a prosecutor.  He knew not too pass judgment before all the facts were presented. 

Bloomberg is a disgrace! 

Voters, whether law enforcement or not, should realize that elected officials, especially those elected as Mayor of cities, both small and large, need to have a basic fundamental knowledge of law enforcement and the duties required of officers, if they are to be charged with overseeing those agencies. Too often we have exactly what you see elected official who sells out those who keep them and their communities safe.



November, 2006
The mayor is supposed to take a leadership role. He is supposed to make judicious, fact based decisions. To bend to a media junkie and racist like Sharpton is unconscionable. How are race relations to be healed if activists like Sharpton will not let it die a natural death.

People like Sharpton and Bloomberg keep picking the scabs open. The worst part is that a police officer has no help from the administration that should know the value of great officers. Especially after 9/11. This whole situation is a disgrace and Bloomberg should be unseated.

Thank You.

-Allen Davis from VA


November, 2006
I knew all along Bloomberg is an opportunist who would sell out the police. Under the 2C [criminal] code in New Jersey, if a vehicle is being used as a weapon the officers has the authority to use deadly force to stop threat if no other action can protect the target of the vehicle assault.

If NY city policy bars one from protecting one self from a felony assault from motor vehicle, I think state statute would supersede the policy.

I cant believe NY law is different than NJ law.

If I were a NYPD officer I would go into reactive mode and get home after a tour of duty.  When police are proactive and drop crime stats the opportunist race baiters make a business out of trouble making and shaft the high crime rate communities.



November, 2006
In Atlanta, we to have a police controversy. 

Operating with a valid drug related search warrant, Atlanta officers entered a house, and were fired upon by the occupant.  The Officers returned fire, and the occupant was found dead.  It turns out that the occupant of the dwelling was an 88 year old woman. 

That is what we know now. 

Our Chief Pennington has shown restraint by saying that it is a tragedy, but we need to let the investigation come to conclusions: and has called in the GBI, State's Attorney and the FBI to manage the investigation.  Kudos to Chief Pennington for exercising discretion to get the results of the investigation before making unsupported statements. 

And shame on the Mayor of NYC for being so patently political.



November, 2006
I too, found it very disturbing that the Mayor would utter such statements. I'm sure his intentions were meant appease any number of factions, but coming from the top elected official in New York City, his words will certainly have a deleterious effect on a fair and impartial mindset of any Grand Jury that may be impaneled.

-Chief John F. Pollinger, (Ret.)


November, 2006
Mayor Bloomberg is a sellout! A complete coward.

Instead of waiting to find out the facts like Rudy would of, he bowed down and sold his guys down the river. He let Sharpton and his crew intimidate him.

Sharpton is nothing but a trouble maker. When was the last time Sharpton visited a cop in the hospital after getting shot.

I hope the PBA fights back hard. If the officers were in the wrong then they will face punishment, but if there in the right then they should be cleared. Now the officers are going to have a even tougher fight because the Mayor just branded them guilty without even a full investigation or trial.



November, 2006
Before throwing police officers under the bus he should of read the investigation reports and make a sound judgment of the incident.  It seemed like he just chose to pamper the media to avoid racial tension rather than listen to the other side of the story.



November, 2006
I'm at a loss for words.

I hope the NYPD unions are doing something about this.





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