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Police and Law Enforcement Home  >  Editorials    >    Atlantic City Mayor to Cops: You're Nothing Special


Police and
Law Enforcement News





Atlantic City mayor
to Cops: You're
Nothing Special
Police and Law Enforcement News
Tuesday, August 24
, 2010 9:50 a.m.

If you ask Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford what he thinks about his police department, you might get one of the following responses:

 CBS 3, August 18, 2010
"There's nothing extra special about police. They're going to be treated just like every other employee."

NBC 40, August 18, 2010
"They have not offered anything for their brothers and sisters...that's why I call them selfish, spoiled's shameful and tragic the PBA would resort to such juvenile antics."

CBS 3, August 18, 2010
"They're not the only ones who put their lives at risk. So do construction workers. So do taxi cab drivers and I empathize for the very tough job that police officers have to do, but it comes with the territory."


We could go back further, but the point has been made.

Atlantic City has already laid off twenty police officers.  In September, they are expected to lay off forty more.  And they're losing an additional thirteen officers to retirement and those positions are not being replaced. 

When all is said and done, they will be down seventy-three officers.  Once teetering around 400, the Atlantic City Police Department will be down to about 290 police officers.

The State PBA tried to intervene and requested a meeting with the mayor.  Apparently, he outright refused.

Mr. Langford, though, did offer his expertise on police staffing levels in a recent interview.  From CBS 3:

Langford added that a city of 40,000 residents needs 300 officers to ensure public safety. Right now, Atlantic City is operating with 333 officers.

The view from the mayor's office must be very different than the view from the street or the view from behind the computer screen while mulling over the latest New Jersey Uniform Crime Report statistics for Atlantic City.

It is inconceivable that anyone would argue that Atlantic City needs less police officers.

Mr. Langford is out of line and is doing a great disservice to his city.  (continued below)


There is no reason not to meet with the State PBA.  When you are putting people out of work in an economy where there are no jobs, the least you can do is face them and listen to possible alternatives.

And his comments are shameful.  Minimizing the dangers facing police officers is destructive to morale, provocative, and unnecessary.

Yes, cab drivers and construction workers both face very real work hazards, but there is a difference between being injured in a workplace mishap and being injured while trying to take down an armed man on PCP.  One involves an accident while the other involves intentionally risking your life for strangers. 

Once the jewel of the Jersey shore, Atlantic City is a city looking to be rescued.  This mayor doesn't understand that if rescue should ever happen, the police department will play a significant role.

Mr. Langford is not responsible for Atlantic City's current state.  But if he has any hope of returning what was once called America's Playground back to its glory, he had better come to terms with the simple fact that he needs the cops.

Great leaders emerge during difficult times.  Right now, Atlantic City could use some leadership. 

If it can't get leadership, how about just a little class.
Police and Law Enforcement News
Tuesday, August 24
, 2010 9:50 a.m.

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To the cop in the unknown city with 50,000 residence and only 65 cops. NJ is the most densely populated state in the country. Imagine your 50,000 residence squeezed into a city half its size now. Then don't just review your UCR and see how that skyrockets, look at your traffic problems. Then make your city a huge tourist location where your 50,000 residents turns into 200,000 on any given weekend to amplify your current problem. I am not saying that 65 cops in your city of 50,000 is insufficient, I am saying, do not compare apples to oranges. Your thoughts are not well thought out, you just see numbers and compare them, maybe you and the mayor of AC should find jobs in accounting not law enforcement.

I work for the Atlantic City police Department. We recently acquired a public safety director after years of strong opposition. Since her arrival, she is a former police LT in Jersey City NJ my agency has experienced the following. The Chiefs position was done away with and he was forced to retire. 30 superiors were demoted,60 patrolman were laid off,30 officers retired and weren't replaced. We needed a director for this calamity?????? What a disgrace.

I don't have exact numbers, but I would venture a guess that if we counted up all the corrupt elected officials in NJ who found their way to prison or at least left office under some sort of disgrace, Atlantic City Mayors and other council members in AC would lead the league.

Anyone holding an elected position in that City should be the last ones to throw rocks at any other group of public servants and especially the police. Does the Mayor realize that you cant go two blocks away from the casino strip without taking your life in your hands? Not to mention that as soon as the PENN casino industry gets up and running, AC is going back to the days of tumble weeds and with an arrogant mayor like him. He'll deserve to see his ocean front turn back into the slum it was prior to gambling being legalized.

Cops are nothing special? Its money grubbing corrupt elected officials in AC that are nothing special.

Its a real shame that the police in this country don't get the credit they deserve. This job is not for everyone and not everyone is capable of doing this job.  Law enforcement officers often encounter situations that would cause the average citizen to piss his pants.  Wake up people, we need staffing to ensure that the job gets done and the safety of our citizenry is ensured.

Where is the new police director during all this. Strange how very mum she is about her brother officers being laid off. Just a thought.

Wow!!! Ever wonder why the flag on a police officer's sleeve is reversed. Because police run into the battle. Toward the fight. Into danger that other run away from. It comes with the territory? The territory that most people wouldn't even consider. The average common sense person calls the police when being robbed or are in danger. A police officer responds and goes into danger to ensure that person's safety. Potentially and often giving his/her own life to protect another. Nothing special?? Remember that next time you call for help and remind the responding officer who is running into harms way to keep you safe. Why haven't the citizens of Atlantic City had this guy removed? Why are the state senate "Leaders" and "Governor" putting up with such arrogance in leadership? In the city they are claiming they want to save. All I say is I and everyone I know are going to Boycott Atlantic City until this guy is removed. End of story!

It's amazing how the state has allowed  all the HORRIFIC government officials to run the city for years.  It has gone from bad to worse. I am a business owner, who FULLY backs the ACPD. These men & women risk their lives every day on the streets...& the public has no idea what actually goes on.  

The mayor wants to lay off more police officers , because the budget won't cover it? What a joke ..keep hiring more of your relatives then.. Maybe they can stop the crime rate from going up.  Do us all a favor , throw this j/o out of office , put the people who protect us back on the street , clean it up & watch the city grow.

Because the way things are going , shut it down, nothing worth having will come to this town & The real A.C. is going to be Gotham, the only place if that people will even show up for is the Marina district. How does this even happen? Who let's it go this far? This city makes ALL of New Jersey's REVENUE. 

You should be ashamed, put your head down, & while your at it DO SOMETHING TO HELP THIS CITY.

Politician's come and go, being a police officer is a career.  Good luck next election Mr. Mayor.

When was the last time a cab driver or construction worker responded to a violent domestic in Atlantic City?  When was the last time they responded to a violent fight?  When was the last time they fought a violent drunk or someone high on crack or pcp?  Lorenzo can't be serious when he compares them to the job of a law enforcement officer.  His head is deep in the sand!

A cop becomes "Nothing Special" when he's expendable, yet a politician can utter these words and assume he's special because he gets to shakes hands of people who make a decision bigger than his.

It's horrific that in these trying times the thought of saying a cop is "Nothing Special" will be applauded by more than just this mayor, but I'd like for those same people to sacrifice as much as cops do in pay, and life just to do a days tour. Someone claiming another is "Nothing Special" is only upset because they're not held in the same light, yet look across this god forsaken state of NJ and you'll see more politicians with more benefits for showing faces and signing papers.

So the next time ANY person that approves your statements mayor, and they need help from a cop yet it just wasn't enough time, maybe you tell them the cop was "Noting Special".

I wonder how the Egnor, McMeekin, Brown, Burke and any other family members whose loved one gave their lives protecting Atlantic city feel about the construction worker/taxi driver dig?? It makes me want to vomit...that comment is a slap to all law enforcement - everywhere.... how about someone speaking up and saying "I am proud of the men and women of the Atlantic City Police Department" I know I am.

When it comes to the police officers, the Mayor stresses that the city only has 35,000 residents and you only need 300 officers. Yet on February 8, 2010, Mayor Langford was in front of the Senate Government Wagering and Tourism Committee in Trenton. Langford was being hammered by Senator's Whelan and O'Toole about the wasteful spending in Atlantic City. He defended himself by stating "We get 33 million annual visitors to the city and 80,000 average daily visitors". (PolitickerNJ.Com)

Mayor Langford can you make up your mind!! What is it 35,000 or over 80,000 people.

To the person who claims to have been one of 65 in a city of 50,000...I'd hate to guess, but I think it's safe to say that at any given time there are easy double or triple the amount of "residents" in Atlantic City. The real problem is, "Renny" is not treating the rest of the city like the police. Hiring his buddies and family while there is a self imposed hiring freeze up a little bit before you put forth such nonsense

Does your city of 50,000 draw twice its number of daily visitors?  Are you in a condensed area or does your city have a large area?  You're a current sworn officer?!  Think before you type.

While I realize we're all facing tough economic times, laying off more police isn't the answer. How about we ask Mr. Langford, when he and Speedy Marsh intend on re-paying that 800,000 (each) they were ordered to pay back by the court for their lawsuits they filed against the City? That's 1.6 Million (I know insurance paid for it).

There are more than one officers in ACPD who are more than capable of running that department. Use one of them, and save another 90K. What about the DWI Communications Chief? Get rid of her too.

This is a no-win situation, especially for the people who live in the city.

It's a shame that someone of such prominence has no lick of common sense. 

Maybe it is time for all Law Enforcement organizations (PBA, FOP, State Chiefs Assoc.) to boycott AC for their conventions.  What they have done to the PD and the former Chief is despicable.

Perhaps The State PBA should hold its convention elsewhere. Why should an organization and all of its members funnel money into a city that does not stand behind the very people showing it support? This is shameful!

I worked as a cop in a city with a population of 50,000 people and there were 65 cops. I am still in law enforcement.  What in the world do the cops in New Jersey do that the department needs that many cops.




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