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Police and Law Enforcement Firearms


Police and Law Enforcement Firearms

Accuracy International - Read about the precision rifles made by this company. Find a dealer and review pricing.

Accu-Tek Firearms - Compact handguns manufactured by this firm are featured. Also markets accessories for these handguns.

American Derringer - Provides information about the classic Derringer firearms manufactured by this organization.

American Western Arms - Offers information about this manufacturer of 1873 single action style revolvers.

Anschütz - Features this manufacturer of high quality rifle and air rifles. Based in Germany.

AR-7 Industries - Offers information about a compact survival rifle that floats and other 22 caliber rimfire rifles. Also markets spare parts.

ArmaLite, Inc. - Presents the catalog of rifles and accessories in the AR-15 or M-16 style.

Armament Technology - Read about the advanced technology centerfire and rimfire rifles and tactical sights made available by this firm.

Auto-Ordnance - Manufacturers of the classic Thompson submachine gun, semi-automatic versions, and model 1911 pistols. Part of Kahr Arms.

Benelli USA Corporation - Read about the product includes shotguns and target pistols. Also review the company history, news, and dealer list.

Beretta - Provides information about the broad line of weapons made by this firm. In Italian and English.

Bond Arms, Inc. - Features a series of dual barrel Derringer-style handguns. Offers specifications and a dealer locator.

Browning - Read about the extensive line of firearms, accessories, and services offered by this company.

BUL Transmark - Provides information about this line of CZ and 1911 style handguns. Based in Israel.

Bushmaster Firearms - Offers a wide range of AR15/M16 parts, accessories, and complete weapons. Also provides sights, scopes mounts, and smithing tools for a variety of weapons.

C. Sharps Arms - Read about rifles based on the classic Sharps design. Sights and accessories are also described.

Cimarron Firearms Company - Offers information about Old West style, SASS suitable firearms.

Colt - Features a firearms catalog, dealer list, customer service, and news.

CZ Èeská Zbrojovka - Provides information about the civilian and military small arms made by this firm. In Czech and English.

Dakota Arms - Features rifles and shotguns made by this company as well as a dealer locator.

Dan Wesson Firearms - Presents the inovative revolvers for which this firm is noted as well as 1911 style pistols. Includes FAQs, history, dealer, distributor and warranty information.

DPMS Panter Arms - Manufactures various types of AR15 rifles, also offers kits, barrels, and accessories.

European American Amory (EAA) - Manufacturer of brand name pistols, shotguns, airguns, revolvers, and target rifles. Manuals and specifications of firearms. Safety, articles, dealers, parts, and links.

Feinwerkbau GmbH - Precision target pistols and rifles made by this company are featured. In English, German, and French.

Ferlib - Offers information about the fine shotguns made by this Italian firm.

Freedom Arms - Provides data about the extensive range of single action revolvers manufactured by this company. Provides a stocking dealer locator and a new products section.

G. H. Factory Sales Inc. - Offers trigger locks, cable locks, optics and knives.

Glock - Offers specifications for the handguns and accessories made by this firm. Also provides news and general company information.

Hammerli - Olympic class target pistols.

Heckler & Koch - Manufacturers of large calibre pistols and assault rifles.

Heritage Manufacturing - Single action revolvers and double action semi-automatic pistols made by this firm are featured. Also provides product manuals and a dealer locator.

Herstal Group - Offers information about the firearms made under the brand names of FN Herstal, Browning and Winchester.

High Standard Manufacturing Company, Inc. - Offers data about these classic .22 target pistols, replacement parts and accessories.

Hi-Point Firearms - Provides information about the semi-automatic handguns and carbines, in several calibers, made by this firm.

Izhevsky Mehanichesky Zavod - Makarov pistols and Baikal shotguns made by this Russian firm are featured.

Izhmash - Arms center of the Russian Federation. Designers of hunting and military firearms.

J. G. Anschütz - Offers information about precise small bore firearms made by this firm.

Kahr Arms - Provides information about the compact, semi-automatic, high power handguns made by this firm. Offers accessories and complete specifications.

Kel-Tec - Offers technical specifications for these semi-automatic pistols, parts, and accessories along with prices.

Kimber - Read the firearms resource pages and learn more about this firm noted for 1911 style sidearms.

KN Nill-Grips - Custom manufacturer in Mössingen Germany of 300 models of fancy wood target and combat handgun grips. Offered in German and English.

Lazzeroni Arms - Offers information about rifles, long and short action cartridges, component bullets, scopes and ordering information.

Magnum Research Inc. - Provides data about a range of extreme handguns from the Desert Eagle to the BFR Revolver.

Marlin Firearms - Read about the lever action, bolt action and semi-automatic rifles made by this firm. Learn about the history of the company and available accessories.

Mauser - Offers technical information about the rifles made by this company. The products presented include centerfire rifles, shotguns and rimfire rifles.

McMillan Bros - Sporter and bench rest rifles, as well as a hunter series and tactical rifles.

Moritz Zapf - Custom made arms for sport and hunting are featured. In German.

National Association of Firearms Retailers - The NAFR is dedicated to providing professional firearms retailers with a unified voice in regulatory and legislative affairs, facilitating communication with other segments of the industry and developing programs that help these retailers respond to new challenges and opportunities.

North American Arms, Inc. - Features information about small caliber, compact firearms made by this company. Offers safety tips and accessories.

Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc. - Specializes in remanufactured or reconfigured military firearms, parts, and accessories for civilians.

Olympic Arms - Provides data about the AR-15 style rifles, custom bolt action rifles, and 1911 style handguns made by this company.

Para-Ordnance - Features high capacity 1911 style handguns in both single and double action designs.

Remington Arms - Offers information about this manufacturer of firearms, ammunition, accessories, and fishing line.

Ruger - Offers specifications and safety instructions for the extensive line of firearms and accessories made in the US by this firm.

Savage Arms - Read about the wide variety of firearms, air guns, bullet traps and accessories made available by this organization.

Searcy Rifles - Presents double rifles and bolt action guns-calibers ranging from 22 Hornet through 4-Bore for African safari game hunting.

Sigarms - Features weapons made by this firm, B. Rizzini, and Hammerli. Also provides information about the academy and a dealer locator.

Smith & Wesson - Read about the extensive line of firearms and related merchandise. Review the dealer locator and see news about the company.

Springfield Armory - Offers information about the pistols, rifles, scopes, and scope mounts made by this manufacturer. Provides a chat room and a dealer locator.

Steyr Mannlicher - Competition and hunting firearms are presented as well as a company profile.

STI International - Presents performance firearms for competition, duty, and self-defense.

Tanfoglio - Offers a wide range of pistols for self-defence and sport competition based on the CZ-75 design.

Taurus - Read about the revolvers and pistols made by this Brazilian company. Check safety tips and review the latest products.

Thompson Center Arms - Learn about black powder muzzleloaders as well as Contender and Encore single shot pistols. Request a catalog and review the work of the custom shop.

Thunder 5 - Provides information about the 5-shot, 410 gauge revolver designed for home defense.

Uberti USA, Inc. - Offers specifications for historical firearms featuring single-action revolvers, black powder, engraved and lever action models by Colt, Remington, Paterson, and Winchester.

U.S. Fire Arms Mfg. Co., - Features this manufacturer of speciality historic guns including single action army.

Valkyrie Arms, Ltd. - Includes product descriptions and prices of semi-automatic versions of military machine guns.

Vector Arms, Inc. - Information about UZI type submachine guns, and semi-automatic pistols is provided by this South African firm.

Verney-Carron - Features the rifles, shotguns, airguns and less-lethal made by this French firm.

Walther-USA - Provides specifications for the centerfire handguns, knives, and airguns offered by this firm. Also offers the history of the firm dating back to 1886.

Weatherby - Rifles, Over-under, and semi-automatic shotguns are featured. also provides information on accessories, wearables, and collectibles.

Westley Richards - A leading English bespoke gun and rifle manufacturer, which also deals in second hand guns. Located in Birmingham, England and Springfield, Missouri USA.

William Evans Gun and Rifle Makers - Offers information about hand-made rifles and shotguns.

Williams Trigger Specialties - Offers trigger work on most military assault rifles.

Winchester - Read about the rifles and shotguns made by this firms. Understand the history of the company and view the catalog.

Wyandot Traditions - Offers a selection of reproduction pistols, rifles, and carbines of the Old West era.

Z-M Weapons - Manufacturer of the LR-300 rifle. Also offers custom services for the AR-15 and M-16.


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