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Police and Law Enforcement Directory: - Police Equipment


Police Equipment

Tactical Police Supply - Tactical Police Supply has LOW DISCOUNT PRICING and FREE SHIPPING!

Police Equipment and Supply Dealers

Advantage Interlock - Offering interlock devices to assist with the reduction of alcohol-impaired driving.

Allen's Law Enforcement Safety Products - Law enforcement supply, online ordering.

American Aluminum Accessories - Supplying metal k-9 containers, narcotics safes, modified vehicles, and secure inmate transport modular and conversion systems.

Arizona Response Systems - Products and services for the armed professional. - Supplier of a wide range of law enforcement related products.

Bartan Technologies Ltd. - Military and police products manufacturer, specializing in light grenades and motion systems for firearms training. Israel.

Bear-Aide, Inc. - Supplies traffic, sniper, boat, and crime scene templates as well as drug recognition cards. Includes product descriptions and ordering information.

Belleville Law Enforcement Footwear - Major footwear manufacturer for law enforcement agencies.

BestDefense - Offering unique police related gear, as well as news and information about associations, publications and trade shows.

Bike Patrol Supply - Specializing in the two-wheeled officer.

Bulldog Police Supply - Specializes in law enforcement equipment including tactical knives, shoes, concealment holsters, bulletproof vests, and the manufacture of police leather jackets.

BVDA - Material and equipment for crime scene personnel and forensic laboratories.

Catsclaw International - Tyre deflation and vehicle immobiliser equipment as used by government bodies, border controls, police forces worldwide.

CATSCLAW International Ltd - Tire deflation and vehicle immobilizer equipment as used by government bodies, border controls, police forces worldwide.

Centurion Tactical - Tactical equipment.

Chief Supply Corporation - Vendor of law enforcement supplies including clothing, safety equipment, traffic control products, flashlights, badges, duty gear, and personalized off-duty apparel.

The Command Board - Features a mobile command post system which is small enough to fit into a patrol gear bag, yet large enough to run a complicated tactical operation.

Constable Group, Inc. - Offering survival language field manuals, video, and audio training tapes for public safety agencies. - Offers products relating to the correctional, detentions and law enforcement industries.

D&D Industries - Custom manufacturer of Cordura products for law enforcement, military, and search and rescue use.

Decatur Electronics, Inc. - Offers speed measurement radar products, radar message trailers, and in-car video for a wide range of applications including use by law enforcement, sports entities, and industrial applications.

Decker Instruments - Polygraph instrument sale, service and rental. Specializing in Lafayette and Stoelting conventional Polygraph instrument.

Discount Handcuff Warehouse - Retailer of handcuffs, leg irons, restraint chains, and accessories

Dive Rescue International - Vendor of dive rescue and recovery equipment, SCUBA and diving supplies, face masks and helments, to rescue personnel, and to the general public.

Doughboy Police and Fire Supply - Offering police, fire, and EMS uniforms, dress coats, emblems, helmets, and accessories.

Drivers License Guide Co. - Vendor of guides to valid United States, Canadian, and international driver's licenses, presenting valid licenses in full size and color, along with minor's licenses, ID cards, federal documents and bank cards.

Evi-Paq Innovative Crime Scene Products - "Manufacture and sales of crime scene investigation products to the law enforcement community."

Fenrir Industries, Inc. - Forced entry training and equipment for law enforcement, public safety, fire-fighting, EMS and military application. - A variety of accessories for police officers, from Web20 LLC.

Gizmos & Gadgets - Products for crime scene officers and investigators.

GST Police Equipment Supply - Supplying law enforcement, corrections, SWAT and military agencies with a comprehensive array of equipment.

Houghtons Jewelers - Offering miniature, hand crafted 14 karat gold law enforcement badges.

Illinois Fire and Police Equipment - Illinois Fire and Police Equipment is an easliy navigated retail site that primarily features emergency lighting and equipment and flashlights as well as some turnout accessories and nylon duty gear.

Information Display Company - Manufacturer of public speed display products.

KB Emblem Co - Police and fire uniform patches and badges.

Kokopelli Traders - Supplier of police badges, embroidered patches, lapel pins emblems, and police accessories.

Kustom Signals - Manufacturer of public safety equipment, radar, lidar, video surveillance, traffic radar trailers, stealth radar, police laser guns and law enforcement products.

L. E. Gear - Supply dealer in Australia and New Zealand. Gear for police, emergency services, and the military.

Lauderdale Police Supply - Provides equipment for police and security officers.

Law Enforcement Catalog - Selling police uniforms, gifts for police officers, police badges, patches, and equipment.

Lawman Badge Company - Vendor of collector, departmental and presentation police badges.

Markl Supply - Provides guns, ammunition, identity and protective gear, vehicle accessories, and other law enforcement products.

Marshall International Sales - Professional equipment for law enforcement agencies and security.

Maxsell Corporation - Offering police badges and supply products, security products, and photo ID cards.

Mega-Tech - Featuring emergency vehicle lighting and a number of products used by departments that are not commonly seen online.Intoxilyzers, bullet containment devices, public safety bicycles, radar and laser speed control. The site has frames and information downloads.

Monadnock Lifetime Products, Inc. - Information on police batons and training.

National Interlock Systems - Ignition lock with breath alcohol tester system.

NIC Law Enforcement Supply - Offers badges, patches, ID systems, and CIA and military collectibles.

Nortex Products - Products for police and security use from the UK. - NYPD and law enforcement patches, gifts, and accessories.

On Guard Plus Ltd - Criminal justice offender electronic monitoring equipment and house arrest equipment.

Pacific Concepts Inc. - Provides law enforcement with evidence handling software, hanging garment storage bags, in-cell storage bags and boxes and can custom make bags to fit any situation.

Patrol and Beyond - A very professional portal style supply site, with Law Enforcement friendly news and expert training and tactics advice along with the products they have for sale.

Pin and Patch Factory - Offers pins and patches for EMS, fire, police, and nurses including citation bars, years of service, and custom orders.

PMG, Inc. - Roadspike retractable tire deflating device.

Police Oracle - UK police portal - equipment, jobs and news.

Police.Patch.Dot.Com - Custom embroidered patches and badges for police, fire and EMS.

Precision Computing Intelligence - Crimelink investigative analysis software.

Prosecutor of Texas - Manufacturer of in-car police video systems with secure in-trunk VCR and digital control console.

ProTech Outfitters . com - Unusual Law Enforcement site specializing in auctions with tactical, duty gear, and ems gear available by special order.

PX Direct - Supplies authentic prisoner uniforms, restraints and detention equipment.

R. Nicholls Distributors - Canadian distributor of products for police, fire, ambulance, and security firms.

Realm of Inventions - Padded safety shield designed to decrease the likelihood of injuries.

Red Diamond Uniform & Police Supplies - Police, security, fire, EMS, work uniforms and law enforcement equipment.

SAS R&D Services - Provides contraband detection equipment to police agencies.

Seals Action Gear Store - Offers accessories and weapons for military and police use. Based in Canada.

Secure Distributions Ltd. - Dealer of American and Canadian made law enforcement products.

Signal911 Emergency Equipment - Police supplies, firearms, lights, sirens, uniforms and accessories. - Whelen, Federal, and Code 3 lightbars, strobes, beacons, and power supplies.

SKD - Tactical accessories for self-defense and law enforcement.

Southwest Public - Offering a wide variety of police, fire and safety equipment.

Specter Gear - Manufacturers and distributors of tactical sling systems as well as other tactical nylon products.

Spex Forensics Group - Light sources and instruments for fingerprint identification, crime scene search, forensic photograph, and forgery detection. - Distributors of non-lethal equipment such as tactical vests, chemical agents, body armor and accessories to law enforcement, military and government agencies. - Presents law enforcement supplies and tools from battering rams, SWAT supplies, and grappling hooks to restraints and protective training suits.

Tactical Equipment Specialists Online. - Tactical equipment available for law enforcement officials and the general public.

Tactical Shop, Inc. - Offering thousands of SWAT, police, and military products.

Tasertron - Stun gun and firearm supplier.

Teeco Safety - Dealer of police products, emergency vehicle equipment and lighting, body armor, traffic signals, and pedestrian push-buttons. Includes partial catalog and company information.

Tetragon-Tass Distributors - A Canada based police supply company with a wide variety of accessories,including K-9.

Texas Tactical Supply - Discount law enforcement supplies.

Throwphone - Phone used by tactical operations teams in barricaded subject situations.

Tote System - Brisbane-based manufacturer and supplier of police and security equipment for the Asia and Pacific region. Catalog of armor and other products, company profile, client list, and news releases.

Traffic Safety Systems, Inc. - Manufacturer of VASCAR, a time/speed/distance computer for traffic safety enforcement.

TRG: Tactical & Rescue Gear - Makers of specialty equipment for SWAT, Fire Rescue, and the Military.

Tuff Tie, Inc. - Disposable restraints.

USPSS - Female police products and custom badges/emblems.

Washington Police Supply - Vendor of duty equipment, tactical gear, radios, vehicle accessories, body armor, and apparel.



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