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Police and Law Enforcement Home  >  Stop Humanizing Thomas Trantino


Guest Editorial by Patricia Tedesco
in response to the Bergen Record's
most recent article humanizing brutal
double murderer Thomas Trantino

(Patricia Tedesco is the sister of
Gary Tedesco who was one of the
two Lodi police officers murdered by
Thomas Trantino in 1963)


Gary Tedesco and Pete Voto are dead!

Trantino killed them!

Why does the media continue to feature this guy, Trantino, and provide him with what I call “celebrity status?”

Why place this large arrogant picture of him sitting on his leather sofa with his flip-flops with a caption of him becoming an accomplished artist?

Lodi Police Officer
Peter Voto

Lodi Police Officer
Gary Tedesco


In Memory of Slain Lodi Officers
Gary Tedesco and Peter Voto

An accomplished artist being put in the same league as Dali and Picasso? Give me a break! And who cares about his book being published in Japan!!

Why not tell the whole story by featuring the lives of the families of his victims and what their plight has been like; trying to learn how to live again versus just survive after your loved one has been taken by such a horrific crime?

Why not publish the side-by-side the pictures of the crime scene and Trantino’s on his couch and let the public decide which story to read?

For the families of the two innocent men murdered, it is not only insulting but also extremely painful to see a murderer like Trantino being honored like a celebrity. A man who obviously assumes that a simple apology for his crimes and a claim to be repentant erases his deeds.

Personally, I do not believe that he really changed! Actions speak louder than words! If he were really driven by a different desire than 42 years ago, he would not consider writing a book about his life, rather he would live a quiet existence without attracting attention to himself as he continually enjoys doing. He could do his deeds and his “work” without all the media attention. Is this not the same arrogant attitude that led him to kill my brother Gary and Pete?

Obviously he is permitted to victimize the victims once again and continues to benefit financially. Did he or the media ever ask who paid all the bills for all the therapists that the families of the victims had to see?

What is wrong in this picture? Is it me or do others experience this the same way as I do?

Does anyone realize that Trantino was not only successful at committing two murders of innocent police officers but was also successful at destroying and killing off many of the victim’s families? While he was painting and writing a book in prison, paid by us the taxpayers, the families were trying to find a way to survive this horrific crime and his victims were buried in the ground!!

I am a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association. I have some “great” real life stories.

Would the colleges like to hear me speak and offer me a seat on their panel to have them hear how murder destroys lives and disrupts families?

I’m ready, willing and waiting!!

I would like to go face to face with Priscilla Adams from the Haddonfield Quaker Society, but I doubt if she will have the courage to face me!!

Hollywood is interested in producing his movie. Publishers are interested in publishing his book.

I have a book as well about what truly happens to victims’ families. Are there any publishers out there for us? Is it that we need to be a murderer to be heard? Sure seems like crime pays!

Saying I am sorry Trantino doesn’t cut it!! If you stepped on our toes perhaps, but not for knowingly and brutally torturing and murdering two innocent people!

And perhaps Trantino should have found art and religion before he became a murderer. Why is it, all of these murderers, rapists and child molesters find religion after????

Maybe it’s time for the media to take a huge leap forward and stop sensationalizing the criminal and begin featuring victims of crimes providing information and connecting the victims and their families to those who can assist the victims. Let’s turn the tables and provide “Celebrity Status” to the victims and victim assistance organizations. Let people see the challenges to be faced in rebuilding lives. Perhaps this will help our country reduce crime. It’s sad, but it sure seems that in this country “Crime Pays” … and pays well!!!

As the owner and founder of training and consulting business, I focus on assisting companies and individuals to be successful. Recently, I had the good fortune to work with someone who has created the most unbelievable process to free people of the painful experiences that haunt their lives. I truly believe his process can help the victims to overcome the lingering traumas that inhibit our ability to be truly successful and free of the pain. If there are others victims and families out there who want to move forward and do more than just survive, I would like to share this information with you. I know that it is personally changing my life. As a matter of fact as I write this I am quite certain that some of these criminals and those youth on the path to a life of crime would benefit from this amazing process.

Why would we want to listen to a murderer’s story that only creates more pain with no solutions?

Why should we see more replays of murders on TV, in the movies, on video games, especially since the research is clearly indicating that seeing all this aggression does have an impact on behavior.

Do you believe that there are people who would like to hear a positive outcome to a horrific experience, to learn how to solve the painful affects of traumas like our families went through?

Does anyone want to listen to someone who wants to help these people and organizations as well?

My last words here are that I would like someone to talk to me and support me on my mission (and I don’t mean a 5 minute segment on a TV or Radio show and a sentence in the newspapers…those I have done and they don’t have any power).

I want to tell the real story of what happens to victims of violent crimes. But I also want to give something to the world. I want to talk to them about how I am finally finding relief after all these years. How a scientifically based new method is giving me my life back step by step. I am sure this can assist other victims of violent crimes. For that matter it can help anyone who wants to move forward to be more successful in his or her life.

Instead of listening to Trantino, does anyone have the guts to listen to a process that can help victims of violet crimes live rather than just survive?

I wonder, will I will hear from anyone!!

You can reach me at any time.

Patricia Tedesco



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